Pick the right locksmith

Just like a spare set of keys, knowing of a good locksmith in times of an emergency can be pretty useful.

It’s something few of us consider until the time comes when we need assistance but with a bit of forward planning you won’t be left out in the cold next time you find yourself on the wrong side of the door – let’s face it, being prepared in any situation is key.

As we become more aware of home security, the places where we live are becoming harder and harder to get into, which is a good thing of course – until you need to get in yourself.

Alarm systems, double glazing, PVC door locks and the like all make it harder than just climbing through the bathroom window. So when you do need to get into your home without the aid of a key, you’re going to need help.


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Do your homework

It’s probably not something that will come up in most everyday conversations, but you’d be surprised how many people have found themselves locked out and had to call on the services of a lock smith. Ask friends and family who you know have used a local company recently and get some feedback from them about the firms they called upon.

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Get a pen and paper, note down the names that are mentioned and then start doing your own research. Look online and check out some company websites; here you’ll be able to find out important details, such as call-out charges and prices. You’ll also be able to see what other customers have said about different companies and form an opinion of your own.

It’s important to check documentation too. All reputable locksmiths will be licensed and it’s important that you check all relevant paperwork, or at least see that they are recognised by the appropriate authorities to ensure that the company that you could be putting your trust into is reputable.

Doing an internet search is one thing, but you can’t beat a little personal, human contact. Pick up the phone or call in to see some of the companies on your list. This will give you the chance to get a better feel for the service they offer, as well as introducing yourself to the staff if they are local.

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Decide what’s best lock smith for you

Once you have decided on the lock company you want to use, you need to decide which service they provide is the best one for you.

If it’s simply a case of calling them on the odd occasion that you lose your keys, they will give you a number to call out of hours and usually a little advice on what to do in the case of being locked out. Whatever you do, keep this information safe.

Put the number in your mobile phone. You may not think that you need it now, but there’s no point leaving it on the coffee table when you are stood outside your door unable to get in.

Some locksmiths offer spare key services, a system where you leave a spare key with them, should you need it in an emergency. For a small fee this can actually work out cheaper than having to fork out a call-out charge and then for new locks to be fitted.

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These are all things that you can discuss when you contact your local locksmiths.

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