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Four Expensive Interior Design Styles

If you’re seeking the lavish aesthetic of luxury interior design, choose from among a range of luxurious materials and decor pieces – unique carpeting, rich colors and beautiful window treatments all add luxuriousness. One of the best luxury interior design ideas is using high-end drapery hardware hung well above window frames, to give a room […]


Luxury Hotels in New York

Hotel luxury in New York is on the rise with numerous newly developed properties and renovation projects underway. Stay tuned for quilted headboards, closets that rival those found in New York apartments and marble bathrooms worthy of any museum. On Fifth Avenue lies this beaux-arts masterpiece that exudes power-play glamour. Each room offers subdued residential […]


Beverly Hills Luxury Homes

Beverly Hills luxury homes are prized pieces of real estate that exude both sophistication and exclusivity. These high-end properties often boast sprawling mansions boasting state-of-the-art amenities to bring together comfort and grandeur in one property. Tudor-style homes are popular in Beverly Hills and, according to one study, animals often prefer these houses over modern designs. […]


Carpeting a Room – How Much Carpet Do You Need?

carpeting a room

Carpet adds warmth and comfort to any room while simultaneously muzzling sound and insulating the floor, as well as concealing food or pet stains on its surface. Carpeting a room can instantly improve interior design. Interior designers typically recommend choosing neutral carpeting colors. Bolder or brighter hues should be reserved for other, less costly elements […]


Home Gaming Room Design

If you enjoy spending your free time playing video games, a home gaming room design that provides the ideal space is essential. Here is where your consoles, PCs and other gear can be displayed for display purposes. Your gaming room can also become even more enjoyable and cozy by adding various innovative lighting solutions, including […]


Using blackout curtains versus Room Darkening Curtains

Darkening curtains, such as blackout curtains, will keep the room as dark as possible no matter what time of day it is. A blackout curtain may result in a completely dark environment, disrupting a child’s circadian cycle, thus it’s worth looking into getting a room darkening curtain instead. Curtains for Darkness: Types and Uses The […]


What Are the Best Types of Plants for Your Home?

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, people around the world had to figure out new ways to spend their time. With many people spending way more time at home than usual, a lot of us wondered how we could spruce up our abodes a bit and make them cozier and more welcoming. One of […]


Home Theatre Design Basics Before You Start Building

soundproof home theater in home cellar

There’s nothing like buying fresh movie concessions and sitting down to enjoy an awesome flick with your family. What if we told you that you can bring that experience into your home without the overpriced popcorn and sodas? If you have the dedicated space, it’s not too hard to build your own theatre. Picking out […]


How to Style a Daybed: 5 Helpful Tips

Did you know there are 9.4% more bedrooms in the US than people? That’s a lot of spare rooms which need styling. There are many benefits of having a daybed, but how can you style it? This guide explains five helpful tips on how to style a daybed. 1. Cover the Mattress The first thing you […]


Is An Infinity Pool The Right Choice For You?

Is An Infinity Pool The Right Choice For You

Infinity pools can only be described as incredibly attractive and luxurious for your home. However, this does not mean that they automatically have to be considered. Before you decide to install an infinity pool (this can actually be a DIY project), the risks and the advantages should be considered. Here is what you absolutely have […]