How to Create a Vintage Interior

How to Create a Vintage Interior

Vintage features add warmth and character to any home – old or new. Read on for simple steps on adding a vintage touch to your property:

Restore floor boards

Live in an old house? Take a peek beneath the carpets and check that you don’t have the ultimate vintage interior treasure – wooden floor boards! If you do strike gold, take the time to carefully restore them and bring them back up to tip top condition, ensuring that they’re safe and splinter free.

Choose a fire place

Add a classic focal piece to your home by opting for a vintage fire place. If you live in a period property you may have the luxury of restoring an original feature, which will not only look great but can even add value to your property. If not, you don’t need a working fire place to enjoy the effect. Create your own using painted brickwork or purchase a fire place mantle which you can tile in to produce a purely ornamental attraction. Depending on your budget, vintage inspired working gas fires may also be an option.

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Vintage Interior
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Try vintage accessories

Shopping vintage can be a lot of fun. Pick out accessories at your local antiques shop or head to a car boot sale to scour out real bargains. Online auction sites are also an ideal place to find vintage and retro furnishing and fittings to fit your new-but-old interior design. If you don’t want to clutter your home with old fashioned knick-knacks, try vintage textiles which can be practical as well as pretty. Scatter cushions, curtains, rugs and throws are all a brilliant way to tie a room together. Don’t underestimate the power of a little DIY either. If you want your interior to be vintage inspired and yet still maintain a contemporary feel, try giving your antique finds a shabby chic make-over. Add legs to an old drawer for an unusual caddy table or bring a give a coffee table a new lease of life with a lick of paint and varnish.

Add cast iron radiators

You should buy Traditional cast iron radiators. They are another finishing touch which can really help you turn back time in terms of décor. Whether you purchase an antique original or opt for a replica, these heavy yet practical accessories are a brilliant investment to a vintage home design – and will keep you warm come winter too. For a modern take on vintage, spray paint in a bright colour.

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Choose an era

Give your vintage décor project a focus by choosing exactly which era you’d like your house to be reminiscent of. Go for the decadence and glamour of the 9120s with art deco touches and glimpses of the exotic in African and Oriental inspired textiles and ornaments. Make a statement with minimalist chic of the 1930s which favours coloured glass and angular furniture. Then there’s the big and bold designs of Post-war, great for if you love a bit of kitsch. For a groovy and playful feel, choose the décor of the 1960s or 70s where colour and pattern is key.

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