Liven Up Your Living Space For Less

How To Refresh Your Living Room Without Spending A Fortune

Most families spend the majority of their time in their living rooms, and after a while it can become tiring looking at the same old décor and furniture. You might be keen to do a full on living room makeover, but if you budget wont stretch to this, there are still many ways you can improve the way your room looks and feels without spending a fortune. Here are some ideas to help you do up your living room for less:

• Move the furniture

move furniture
By Mike Prosser under CC BY-SA 2.0

Rearranging furniture is a great way to give your room a fresh look and a new perspective without breaking the bank. If your room is small, you might not have a whole lot of options regarding where things do, but have a think about how things could be different and try out different layouts to see if they work. If you are very open plan at the moment, try segmenting areas of the room with furniture or styling to give it a cozier, homey look.

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• Create wall art

Wall art doesn’t need to be an expensive original painting, or a gigantic canvas print of your kids. Wall art can be anything you like, and should reflect your personality and family perfectly. If you have children, you could try some DIY wall art using covered shoe boxes, stickers or fabric off cuts. If you don’t fancy that, you could create some wall art yourselves with paints and old sheets, stretching them over a simple wooden frame for display.

• Clear the clutter

No matter how hard we try, it seems to be that the longer we live in a house, the more clutter and junk we accumulate. If your home looks more like a charity shop than a stylish pad, consider boxing up some of your clutter and getting rid of it. That doesn’t mean you have to throw it away either; you can relegate some pieces to the loft or attic, or can find companies offering removals services to take it away for storage for a while.

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• Throw in some color

New lights
By Larry Jacobsen under CC BY 2.0


If you can’t afford to replace your sofas, purchase some cheap colorful throws to lay over them to create a whole new look. Coordinate the colors in the throws with some simple but eye-catching ornaments and you’ll instantly find your room looks more ‘designed’ and well put together. Also, you can always hire an interior painter like to help you paint your walls fast and add color.

• See the light

Changing how we light our living rooms can make a massive difference to how they appear to us. Throw light up the walls and around the room with uplighters or directional LED lamps, and use mirrors and other shiny or reflective surfaces to bounce light off the walls and around the room beautifully.

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