How to Maintain and Care for Your Deck to Ensure Longevity and Visual Quality

Decking is a great way to revamp your backyard and elevate your home’s aesthetic. It can play a key role in making your place look fantastic, especially when coupled with the right accessories. If you …

Decking is a great way to revamp your backyard and elevate your home’s aesthetic. It can play a key role in making your place look fantastic, especially when coupled with the right accessories. If you pay a little more attention to transforming your outdoor space, you can get a perfect spot to enjoy your cup of coffee while reading your book, or however you like to spend your free time outside. However, while getting decking is easier, the real challenge is to keep the material intact to save it from getting ruined. Here are a few tips that will help you to take care of your deck pretty well and ensure its longevity and visual appeal. Let’s take a look.

Moisture-Proofing the Deck:

Wooden decks are prone to getting damaged from any moisture and water. Make sure to clean your deck every day during the snowy season. Use a good quality waterproof sealant to add a protective coat to your decking to protect it against moisture. Waterproof sealant penetrates deep into the wood, helping to keep moisture from getting absorbed inside, thus, eradicating potential damages.

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Applying a high-quality stain can also help in keeping your deck from absorbing excess moisture and prevent structural damage. A solid, semi-opaque, and semi-transparent deck stain will help to make your decking both beautiful and strong. Moreover, a good quality joist tape will also save your deck from recurrent costly damage repairs.

Protecting From Sun:

Long-term exposure to the sun weakens your wooden deck, fading its colours and decreasing its beauty over time. Applying waterproof sealant to your decking with UV resistance will help to protect the surface of your boards from sunlight. Consider adding some shade, i.e from a parasol, as an added preventative measure against sunlight. Additionally, painting your deck with light-colored paint will ensure your deck absorbs less heat.

Removing Snow and Ice:

Leaving snow and ice on your deck can lead it to rot and make it prone to the growth of mould. To avoid this, it is important to remove any snow and ice daily during the colder months using a plastic shovel or a broom. Make sure to sweep in the direction of the board rather than against it to not further damage the surface of the decking.

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Remove the Debris:

One of the dangers of not regularly clearing your deck is that you unknowingly make it home for wood-damaging moulds and fungi. Dirt, dust, pollen, and accumulated leaves all can contribute to the gradual destruction of a wooden deck. To combat this, try reducing the amount of debris falling onto your deck by trimming and cutting the plants hanging over it causing it. Consider sweeping the deck every day to keep it looking its best. When building the deck, place its boards at ¼ distance to have enough room for thorough cleaning.

Regular Maintenance:

No matter how good your deck may look, there is still a great chance of it gradually getting damaged. We recommended regularly inspecting your decking thoroughly for any possible hidden moulds and damages. Consider replacing the damaged boards right after inspections. Similarly, replace all the rusted screws, nuts, or bolts, and tighten any loose board to prevent structural faults. This kind of regular inspection prevents larger damages.

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Move the Furniture More Often:

We recommend not placing your backyard furniture on top of your decking in one spot for more than six months. This is because it can hinder thorough cleaning and cause discoloration of the wooden deck in patches, making it look old and tired. Consider instead moving your furniture more often, so that every part of the wood can breathe and stay clean.

To conclude, decking is a great way to instantly upgrade your backyard’s aesthetics. Taking care of your decking and doing necessary repairs in a timely manner will make your boards last far longer, helping to keep its newness intact. Invest in good quality cleaning and waterproofing products to ensure an effective deck care routine.