Home Decoration: Embellish your home with innovative ideas

Are you planning to decorate your own home before the beginning of the festive season? If so, then you can start with a few basic decoration technique to embellish your home like a professional. When you decorate your own home, make sure maximize space with minimum use of furniture. You need to emphasize on the wall color, lamps and furniture and use them as tool for decoration. Here are some of the tricks that you need to consider when you decorate your home.


Home decorating tips:

1. Huge collection on the dining table

If your dining room is spacious enough huge with a long dining table, then you can display some of the nice Chinese porcelain collection on the table. Well, the pieces are not required to match but ensure that they look attractive together. Make sure these items have a proper color coordination to give a more appealing look.


dining table
By tracey r under CC BY 2.0


2. Hand interior curtain

You can place a linen curtain can be beneficial for your kitchen to separate a portion of the room from the other. If you draw the curtain, then you can actually hide the mess of preparation. Make sure you change the faucet and give a new look to your kitchen. Try to choose kitchen faucet according to the color of the wall. You can plant herbs in pots in your kitchen and color green can give a soothing effect to your room.

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3. Mix and Match

Make sure you mix and match nature of the fabric that you use for the room. Try to use neutral color paint for your bedroom walls and in contrast you can place bright color linen curtain, furniture and bedside lamp coordinating with the theme of the room. Try to shortlist a theme like traditional or modern.


4. Folding furniture

Folding furniture can save considerable amount of money as well as space. You can fold the furniture and create space for arranging party in your home. Try to get these furniture from different online websites like ebay or craiglist. You can get good deals on furniture from online store.


5.  Place antique in the bathroom wall

You can decorate your bathroom with antique showpiece. Make sure you place the antique away from the shower room. You antique showpiece may spoil if you expose it to water or bright sunlight.

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6.Make a theme color for you home 

White is supposed to the favorite color of the interior decorators. The only reason is that it gives a sense of space to your home and makes it look large. Therefore, paint the walls as well as furniture in white, the theme color of the home.


7. Illuminate your home

One of the best ways to decorate your own home on low budget is by the use of proper lights. You can create passage for the natural light to enter your home. So, create you  more windows as it can help to illuminate your home. This is considered to be an effective way to lower your energy bill as you’re not required to turn on the lights during day time. You can place recyclable lamps for a green and beautiful home.


Therefore, you need to keep the above mentioned points in mind when you plan to decorate your home without any assistance of a professional.

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By Petar Dzhingarov

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