Understanding Wireless Home Security Systems

Wireless security systems are very popular among homeowners today. When it comes to buying a home security system and having it installed, you have the option of choosing wired or wireless. Wireless systems offer a number of benefits over traditional wired systems but there are things to consider before you choose this option.

When you are shopping for a home security system you are likely to see many wireless options. Most major companies offer this type of security and many homeowners prefer it to hard wired systems. The greatest advantage of a wireless system is of course the lack of wires involved. There are no holes that need to be drilled into your walls in order to install the system. Of course, nothing is without its drawbacks and while a wireless system will be a bit more convenient, easier to install and moveable, there are going to be pros and cons of any system that you choose.

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Because wireless systems are quicker and easier to install and because they use no wiring, the installation is often a bit cheaper. You can potentially save yourself thousands of dollars by choosing a wireless system depending on your home size and the company that installs it for you.

Wireless systems have improved over the past few years and can now offer you the same features that you get with a wired system. You can choose to use traditional seals and sensors as well as motion detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors, all of which are wireless. Even cameras can now be wireless and integrated into your system.


Wireless security camera
Wireless security camera (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


When it comes to choosing the right wireless system, there are a few things to consider. You need to assess your specific security needs and ensure that the system you select will meet those needs. Not all homes are going to benefit completely from a wireless system. If you do choose a wireless setup, make sure that you have a few different options regarding detectors and sensors. This allows you to add on to your system as needed so should you build on to your home in the future or face another issue that requires a bit tighter security, you can do so.

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When choosing a system, ensure that it offers a good battery backup or that you can add one. In order to protect your home and family, the system has to be working at all times and power outages can happen without warning. You want to be certain that your system will run properly even when the power is out for several hours or when someone attempts to enter your home uninvited. One of the most noted disadvantages of wireless systems involves issues with sensors. The detectors and sensors will need the battery power in order to run so you need a system that will let you know when your battery power is running low. You should also remember to test the system regularly and replace the batteries as needed to ensure that it is always working properly.

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