About us

True Home Tips is a project started with the goal of highlighting luxury interior design and a whole lot more. We constantly cover many topics connected with luxurious homes and offer advice that homeowners can use in order to make their homes look a lot better while not necessarily having to spend a fortune in the process. You can expect great informative interior design articles every single month of the year, with growth expected in the future.

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Boris Dzhingarov – Founder/Owner

I created True Home Tips because I love the finer things in life, including luxurious homes. I frequently travel the world trying to come across the best possible architecture and interior design, translating this into the many sites I have. True Home Tips is just one of the projects I believe in. Get in touch with me through the contact page to discuss anything.

Adrian Cruce – Editor

I am passionate about interior design and architecture so being a part of the True Home Tips team is something I was really happy about. After Boris contacted me, I quickly got involved in the project.