Marble Interior Design Tips To Remember

Marble is definitely not as popular as it used to be in interior design. Nowadays, when most people think about marble, they think about really cold rooms that simply feature a lot of stone or …

Marble is definitely not as popular as it used to be in interior design. Nowadays, when most people think about marble, they think about really cold rooms that simply feature a lot of stone or some ornate sculptures that are simply really old. Many see marble as something that should not be used in modern interior design because it is not sleek or cool. This is definitely incorrect.

The truth is that we can use marble in modern interior design. In fact, it did make quite a big comeback in the past few years. However, you need to make sure that you do it right. There are some great ways in which you can add marble to any home design and we will highlight some that we love.

Marble Columns Delineate Space

We have to say that open concept living is something that is really popular and beautiful at the moment. You do not need to live in large or small apartments to take full advantage of what marble can offer.

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There are cases in which there are some walls that lack in a property and where you want to delineate space so that you make sure that it is organized properly. You can use marble for that. Columns that have a straight edge or that have only few decorative elements can easily offer the industrial feeling you are looking for, creating something special and attractive.

Use Marble In Floors And Walls

It is really important that you do not add marble in both walls and floors. This would simply overdo it and you would end up with a space that would simply be way too cold. Choose only one and use the marble in order to get the classical feel that you surely want, in a perfect combination with the modern materials.

Marble can be added to kitchen backsplash. You can use at as alternative to the wainscoting that you have in dining rooms or bathrooms. Marble can even be added to living spaces through marble chair rails.

Marble Furniture Can Be Great

Marble furniture is normally not considered because it does look cold. However, when it is paired with correct pieces, the result is excellent. Marble is really great as furniture because of the fact that it is sturdy, strong and will last for dozens of years. At the same time, when properly added to the interior design of the room, marble furniture can be a strong statement.

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Make sure that measurements are correct. Marble is quite unforgiving and you want to be sure that the brand new purchase is going to fit properly where you want to put it before you actually buy it. You can go for many different tones and not just for the classic neutral color.

One really interesting thing that you can do is to use tables that are made out of marble. They are particularly wonderful and can be that statement piece you have been looking for. Marble coffee tables are also really impressive.

Use Marble In Décor And Accessories

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Up until some years ago we did not have many choices that were available since marble could only have been added when a really serious commitment was taken. The amounts that need to be paid are high and finding a stone company that would offer all that we need is not at all easy with the really large pieces.

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The good news is that we can so easily use marble in décor elements and accessories, without having to commit to that really large purchase. Try to add one accessory to the room at a time. For instance, try a marble lamp or a marble candleholder. Just keep adding until you reach that perfect mixture that you are after at the moment.

As you can see, using marble in modern interior design is not at all difficult. Just think about the options above and see how you can use it. You can end up with something that is quite stunning if you are patient and you take the time to make the right choices.