Home Gaming Room Design

If you enjoy spending your free time playing video games, a home gaming room design that provides the ideal space is essential. Here is where your consoles, PCs and other gear can be displayed for …

If you enjoy spending your free time playing video games, a home gaming room design that provides the ideal space is essential. Here is where your consoles, PCs and other gear can be displayed for display purposes.

Your gaming room can also become even more enjoyable and cozy by adding various innovative lighting solutions, including touch-sensitive smart lights, sound-reactive lighting and black lights that provide extra entertainment and coziness for you and your players.

Entertainment center

Gaming rooms provide the ideal place for you and your friends or family members to unwind after a hard day’s work and let go of stressors.

Designing a home gaming room involves considering the needs and desires of its inhabitants. Some gamers might prefer an intimate seating arrangement while others require large screens that will maximize their experience.

Home gaming rooms should contain entertainment centers large enough to house all of the equipment necessary for successful video game sessions, including monitors, consoles, speakers and desks for working on the games.

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No matter if you’re an avid PC / laptop gamer or casual console gamer, creating the ideal gaming environment starts with decor and tech. Push-button control lighting, wireless routers and other essential items can give your setup that perfect atmosphere to get gaming!

Bar or snack bar

An additional storage solution, snack bar is also a fun and practical addition to your gaming room, offering additional storage and serving your favorite beverages and treats!

Key to creating an inviting game room is selecting comfortable furniture pieces – such as sofas, recliners, bean bags or floor pillows – that add comfort.

Lighting can play an integral part in designing an effective game room design, as it creates an energetic ambience within its confines. From neon wall signs to color-changing table lamps, lights set the atmosphere for different games and campaigns.


Shelving is a key element of any home gaming room design. It helps keep all your equipment and games neatly tucked away for easy access at any given time.

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Your shelves can open or close for easy storage of board games, collectibles and accessories. For an organized look and to easily see everything on your shelves, stagger the board games at different levels across your shelf so they are all visible at once.

Create stations and play areas within your game room as another means of organizing shelving, for instance puzzle areas, board game spaces and gaming system spaces.

Game corner

Your gaming corner is an integral component of your home gaming room, providing an area to enjoy playing your favorite games with friends and family while serving as an ideal spot for collecting artifacts.

The Game Corner was an integral feature of Pokemon up to Generation IV, providing players with a chance to exchange coins for exclusive Pokemon and TMs unavailable anywhere else. This casino-esque structure became an attractive destination for many players – and eventually an integral part of its storylines!

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However, the casino-style Game Corner had its share of problems. Anti-gambling laws and video game rating boards that enforce tighter restrictions on references to gambling led Game Freak to remove certain casino-themed buildings from certain titles like Pokemon Diamond Pearl Platinum to comply with regulations imposed upon gambling references in their games.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl may follow this same trend: while their Game Corner still contains a slot machine minigame similar to Voltorb Flip, due to time restrictions it was decided not to include one as Nintendo and Game Freak wanted to avoid the potential negative influence gambling can have in a children’s game.