How to Style a Daybed: 5 Helpful Tips

Did you know there are 9.4% more bedrooms in the US than people? That’s a lot of spare rooms which need styling.

There are many benefits of having a daybed, but how can you style it? This guide explains five helpful tips on how to style a daybed.

1. Cover the Mattress

The first thing you will need to know is how to dress the daybed. A plain, undressed mattress is rarely pleasing to the eye. Find a beautiful mattress cover that truly blends with the room’s color pallet.

Wrap it around the entirety of the mattress, giving it a smart, clean-cut design. Or, leave it to drape down to the floor to hide any under-the-bed storage you may have tucked away. If you do let it drape, it will give a more laid-back and welcoming design.

2. How to Style a Daybed With a Blanket

Once the bed has been dressed, now we need to look into how to decorate a daybed. You can enact the decorating in a few steps.

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First, you need to find yourself a blanket of a more bold color to the mattress cover. Ensure the solar still falls within the color scheme.

Where you place, the blanket is up to you.  You can lay the cover over the center of the mattress if it is flat alongside the wall. Or, if the daybed faces away from the way, use it as a runner at the foot of the bed.

3. Add Your Cushions

As we all know, cushions are an essential part of any bed. Go out and pick as many variations of cushions as you wish.

Once it’s time to put them on the bed, don’t just throw them on. Try layering them in an almost brick effect. By doing this, you will really make the daybed look welcoming.

4. Play With the Design

If you get to this step and feel something isn’t quite right. Play around with the design.

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Maybe the blanket doesn’t work as well as you thought. If you kept the receipt, you can go and swap it for a different style.

Are the cushions standing out a bit too much? Play around with different textures and colors.

You can’t rush perfection. Trial and error may be your best choice to finding your perfect design for a day bed.

5. Add a canopy

Why not consider adding a canopy to your daybed. These can really draw in the attention and invite people into using your daybed.

Grab yourself a cotton bed canopy. This style canopy is ideal if you are style an outdoor daybed.

Design Your Daybed Your Way

Now you know how to style a daybed. How will yours turn out?

Will you add a blanket to your daybed? How many cushions will you use? Did you choose the best canopy for your daybed?

Check out our other blogs on home and interior design. Who knows what other ideas we can help you with.

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