How To Choose Interior Doors

A beautiful interior door will showcase the home’s design and can make a huge difference in style. Most doors will not be noticed but when you choose one correctly, it will have a truly dramatic effect on the overall design. Because of the fact that we usually buy homes with doors installed, we tend to forget about the fact that we can change them. If we choose a different door, we can make that big difference we wanted.

Let’s make your choice easier and learn how to choose interior doors by offering simple tips you can always remember:

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Door Swing

You have to choose between left-hand and right-hand door swing. The choice is usually based on what dominant hand you have but make sure that you take into account the optimum aperture of the door. It should never create discomfort and doors should not open into halls or corridors.

Sound Ratings

This is one factor that many do not know anything about. All doors have an STC measurement that will tell you how much sound is lost through them. Everything over 60 is practically soundproof while 40 is the regular STC rating found in msot doors. Just make sure you do not choose anything under 40.

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Types Of Doors

This is where it gets tricky in learning how to choose interior doors. There are so many types out there but those that are the most common are:

  • Sliding Doors – They are normally made out of glass or wood. In most cases you use them as closet doors.
  • Folding Doors – They can fold towards both sides and are normally present in small areas.
  • Pocket Doors – You can find them all around the home. These will slide right into a wall and help you save a lot of space.
  • Flush Doors – These are simple doors that are smooth and that are usually made out of MDF or plywood.
  • Barn Doors – Originally present in barns, they are now common in interior design. They are perfect for a rustic or industrial look.
  • Panel Doors – Really common and designed with square panel patterns.
  • Dutch Doors – They are divided horizontally in 2. You surely saw them in movies.
  • French Doors – They have a frame put around 1 or more panels that are transparent.
  • Blind Doors – Doors with no visible handles, hinges or trims.
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Choosing Materials

  • Solid Wood – Such doors are beautiful and can make a difference. However, they are usually more expensive. The doors will usually be used in exteriors but they can be stunning in interior design. Remember that wood will naturally expand and shrink when faced with changing humidity and temperature. Do not use such a door in a damp setting.
  • Hollow Core – They are normally made out of molded composite skin or plywood. They are usually cheap because of the hollow interior.
  • MDF – Many of the modern interior doors are made out of MDF (medium density fiberboard). These doors are stable and will not warp. You can easily paint them and the smooth finish is always great.
  • Solid Core – Just as the name implies, the exterior is molded composite or plywood and the interior is solid. It is expensive but not as expensive as the solid wooden door.
  • Glass And Metal – There is a growing popularity noticed with these doors in interior design as they offer a modern and streamlined look. They will cost money but not as much as solid wood.
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