The Different Types of Flooring Options That Homeowners Love Today

On average, Americans spend around 62 percent of their waking life at home, which shows how important curating the ultimate environment is.

A major part is the type of flooring you choose as it sets the room’s mood. Because of this, you must take time to weigh the pros and cons of each before installing it. Perhaps you’re currently in this position and you want to learn the different types of flooring available.

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the top ones to choose from.

Hardwood Flooring

One of the top choices of residential flooring is hardwood as it’s versatile. Homeowners often choose maple, oak, and cherry, thanks to their appearance. It’s also popular because it increases home value, can be refinished over an extended period, and is durable.

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Engineered Wood

Every smart homeowner understands the power of engineered hardwood, especially if you worry about potential water damage. Aside from its attractive appearance, you should choose this option if you’re a keen DIY-er and don’t want your hardwood to warp. Plus, it’s as durable as hardwood, saving you a fortune.

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The best flooring company will always recommend carpet, whether it’s for the living room or bedroom. It’s a favorite with homeowners as it comes in an array of colors, materials, and textures, depending on your preference. Further, carpets add warmth to every room and are stain-resistant, making them a favorite with families.


If you’re struggling with your home renovation project, then consider installing linoleum flooring. It’s an eco-friendly option and is resilient, thanks to the elastic materials. Homeowners also love how you can install it yourself and requires little maintenance, regardless of how long you’ve had it.


One of the best floorings for homes is vinyl. Not only is it affordable, but it comes in a huge selection of patterns and colors, which gives homeowners freedom with their decor. It’s also a popular choice for kitchens or bathrooms because it’s water-resistant, giving homeowners peace of mind.

Natural Stone Tiles

Anyone with a larger budget should consider installing natural stone tiles. This includes granite, marble, and sandstone. But it’s important to note, these all require regular maintenance so factor this when you’re browsing flooring options.

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Ceramic Tiles

Another great option is ceramic tiles. These work best in moisture-prone rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom. A bonus is that there’s a design or shade for everyone, which means you needn’t compromise on your dream home.

Know the Different Types of Flooring Today

Hopefully, after reading this article, you know the different types of flooring.

There is a huge selection of flooring available to homeowners such as hardwood flooring, engineered wood, and carpet. You can also choose between natural stone tiles, ceramic, and vinyl depending on your preference. Good luck with your home renovation project!

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