What Are the Benefits of Portable Solar Panels?

Solar panels have been around for decades, but now they are finally infiltrating the residential market in the US. There are now millions of solar panels in the US and people are embracing their right to create their own free energy!

But, what about portable solar panels? In the past, portable panels were expensive and cumbersome. These days, things have changed somewhat and many RV owners and people living off-grid are using such panels to their advantage.

So now we’d like to explore the current benefits of investing in portable solar panels. And we should mention there are various options on the table in terms of power needs and budgets.

Easy Installation

One of the first portable solar panel benefits we’ll discuss in this solar panel guide is how easy they are to install. You won’t need to drill holes in your roof or mess around with any complex wiring. So this also means you won’t need to pay a solar panel installer to help you either.

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Many portable solar panels have a suitcase-like design which you can just fold out and start using. They often let you connect up to your batteries super fast too, and some even have USB outlets so you can charge things like your laptop or phone.

Go Where There’s Sunlight

If you are an RV owner and have no option but to park in the shade, how do you get your power with roof-mounted panels? A much better option might be to invest in portable solar panels.

You can simply walk or drive to a location where there is more sunlight and start charging your batteries in that location. Many RV owners now use both portable and roof-mounted panels so they get the best of both worlds. To find out how you can do this, we recommend Blue Raven solar installation.

They Are Space-Saving

One obvious benefit of getting portable panels is they are also compact and therefore space-saving. If you have a tiny home or limited space in the RV, portable solar panels are a fantastic energy-creating option.

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All you have to do is fold up your portable solar panel once you’ve finished getting your energy needs. Then you should be able to slot it away somewhere in your RV with little hassle.

Low Maintenance

If you decide to have rooftop solar panels, you will on occasion have to climb up there from time to time. The reason is that debris, snow, or other obstructions can reduce the effectiveness of these panels.

On the other hand, you can very easily keep your portable solar panels in top condition every time you use them. This is because they are so accessible to monitor and clean.

Invest in Portable Solar Panels

If you are an RV owner or any other kind of traveler on the road that requires energy, portable solar panels make complete sense. They are so easy to store away and you don’t need any serious training to use them.

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Thanks for checking out this post; we hope it sheds some light on some of the key portable solar benefits. If you wish to learn more about similar topics, please check out our blog.

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