Finishing Touches For Your Floor

One of the most interesting and complicated parts of a home improvement project is what to do with the floor.

The flooring is a tricky aspect. It is the part of a home most subjected to wear and tear, with its residents and visitors going through it numerous times in a day. This is true especially when there is a big party being held in the house and not to mention pet dogs or cats running around. The home floor needs to be strong and durable to be able to take this kind of daily wear every day, and at the same time also be easy to maintain and clean. These days, you cannot afford to spend too much time cleaning your flooring especially that there are just too many things to accomplish in a day.

Granite floor

Aside from its obvious function, of course you would also want your floor to add to the home’s overall aesthetic appeal. A bare cement or granite floor would certainly fit the purpose of durability, but the image of a cold, hard, and bare floor is not exactly what one would want in their home. You do not want your guest thinking that you do not have any taste.

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Marble floor

bamboo trim
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Traditionally, especially in the case of ancient Rome and Greece, marble has always been the choice of flooring material. Marble fit the description of having a floor that is durable, but also pleasing to the eye at the same time. Marble is still used presently, as it remains a great choice, but the costs of putting a marble floor has gone up, not to mention the meticulous nature of laying down marble. However, if you can spare money for this kind of flooring then it will be worth the cost.

Bamboo trim

But as far as alternative flooring materials go, bamboo has become a refreshing (and surprising) choice. With soaring demand for the use of renewable and cheaper building materials, bamboo has become the trend for modern architecture and engineering.

Bamboo trim, used with your existing home flooring, provides excellent accents to the overall look of the floor and the room. Bamboo works especially well with wood floors, blending seamlessly with the natural colors and hues of the hardwood floor.

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The use of bamboo trim has become the trend, especially with more and more office spaces and homes leaning towards the minimalist and modern look. And with a variety of moldings and trim available, including different fittings such as vents and even staircase accents, bamboo is not only cheaper, but also versatile.

Bamboo is also perfect for do-it-yourself projects. No need for mason or stonework, or a carpenter to handle expensive hardwood floors, since bamboo trim and fittings are easy to install, requiring little to no expertise in installation.

Improving the home flooring need not be complicated and expensive. For a fraction of the cost, and little of the hassle, bamboo provides every requirement needed for every flooring project. Opting for bamboo is worth the cost and effort.

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