What Are the Different Types of Swimming Pools That Exist Today?

In 2020, swimming pool companies experienced unprecedented demand for their products, with some contractors still booked out until the end of 2022. The trend continues this year, due to ongoing fears caution surrounding gathering in public spaces.

Apart from opportunities for going swimming safely whenever you want, every smart homeowner knows that a pool also brings appeal and entertainment value to their backyard.

These are the types of swimming pools to consider if you want to add cool convenience to your life.

Above Ground Pools

Above-ground pools have several benefits over more traditional in-ground varieties.

They’re much cheaper than in-ground pools, which makes them an ideal entry point for homeowners on a tighter budget. You can also take the pool with your when you move, so they suit renters too.

Contractors can install an above-ground pool quicker and it’s easier to work around certain types of land with these pools. You can add a deck to an above-ground pool, and you’ll still end up paying less than you would for an in-ground pool.

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On the downside, these pools don’t last as long as in-ground pools do.

Types of Swimming Pools for In-Ground Installation

For purists, an inground swimming pool is still the best outdoor pool for their needs. In-ground pools offer a lot more variety than the above-ground versions.

It takes a little more work to care for an in-ground pool, but you can get help. According to Majestic Pools, you can hire professionals to service your pool as often as once a week.

These are the main types to consider when choosing the best swimming pool for your home:

Fiberglass Pools

Manufacturers mold these pools off-site and deliver them in one piece. This makes for quicker installation, but it limits your design options.

They’re a good option if you live in an earthquake zone since they’re flexible and hardy. Another variety of these pools consists of panels that contractors put together on site. These pools offer greater design flexibility than traditional fiberglass pools.

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Concrete Pools

Concrete pools are among the costliest pools to install. Contractors pour them on-site, and you can choose from different finishes like paint, plaster, and specialty coatings offering a range of colors and textures.

They’re also durable and suited to most climatic conditions.

Vinyl-Liner Pools

These pools have a concrete foundation with panel walls that fasten together. A custom-made vinyl liner fits over these panels to cover the entire pool.

Vinyl liner pools are extremely durable and you’ll use fewer chemicals to keep them in tip-top shape.

Considering Your Home Improvement Options

There are certain aspects you need to take into account regardless of the types of swimming pools you prefer. These include your budget, your soil conditions, your landscape design, and your intended use for the pool.

Working with a reputable contractor is the best way to source the pool that ticks all your boxes when it comes to home improvement. They can advise you on the best solution for you based on all the above criteria.

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