Hard Surface Solutions – Floor Maintenance Tips And Tricks To Remember

In many cases hard surface solutions are not properly understood, especially when referring to floors. No matter what you may be tempted to believe, floor maintenance is something that is highly important nowadays. All hard surfaces eventually need professionals to clean or repair them. However, if you do take maintenance into account, you will drastically reduce the costs.

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General Hard Surface Maintenance Suggestions

Although different requirements will vary based on flooring type, the basic tips we are about to mention are common:

  • Always Clean Spills As Soon As They Happen – Make sure that you practice diligence. Any standing liquid will stain a hard surface. The sooner you will clean and then dry it, the better on the long run!
  • Often Sweep – All hard surface floor types have a benefit in regular cleaning or dust removal. If you neglect regular sweeping, small dirt particles will accumulate. This turns it into something that is abrasive. Soil and foot traffic cause flooring deterioration. However, when you commit to a cleaning routine, wear time is automatically reduced for all hard surfaces. Use your dust mop or sweep every day in order to get the best possible results.
  • Rugs And Mats Protection – Contrary to what you might believe, the desk chair wheels can cause a lot of damage as time passes. All hard surfaces need to be protected. Use rugs and mats in areas of high traffic.
  • Protect From Heat – Heat can be quite damaging so make sure that you use window tints, blinds and curtains. That will prolong floor life.
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Vinyl Surface Floor Cleaning

It is not hard to take care of vinyl floors. However, you should avoid mats that have latex or rubber backings because hard surfaces can be stained. Sweep often and make sure that you also mop whenever necessary. A really consistent mopping routine will extend floor life. It is preferred to go through a janitorial service since committing to a vinyl maintenance routine is time consuming and difficult.

Linoleum Surface Floor Cleaning

The vinyl floors are synthetic. Linoleum floors are made out of a natural ingredient. We are faced with a much longer life span in the event that the floor is properly taken care of. Many of the manufacturers currently recommend waxing linoleum and the vinyl manufacturers will not want clients to wax the floors. Always use a damp mop in order to clean the linoleum and it is really important that you clean spills as soon as possible.

Hardwood Floor Maintenance Tips

When dealing with a wood floor, it is important to go through regular cleaning. You should never use detergents or soaps that are oil-based since buildups will be covered over time. Always minimize sun exposure and learn as much as you can about wood types. That will help you to choose really good maintenance techniques.

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Keep in mind that there are always situations in which you have to call a professional for hard surface solutions that you do not have access to. From time to time it is important to go through cleaning but maintenance should not be forgotten.

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