Remodel your bedroom with different styles of furniture

Remodeling a room can be quite a hectic task if you don’t know what you are looking for and what kind of looks you want. When you have already decided to remodel your room, first …

Remodeling a room can be quite a hectic task if you don’t know what you are looking for and what kind of looks you want. When you have already decided to remodel your room, first you need to decide which room you want to remodel? Instead of remodeling the whole house, select one room at a time and ten proceed. This is beneficial in two ways. Firstly you will know the kind of investment it requires and secondly instead of having a topsy turvy house where everything is spread out and most of the things getting misplaced, remodeling one room will ensure that the rest of the house is in shape and when one room is getting redecorated you have other rooms to take rest and store your things. Since the bedroom is one of the most vital rooms as you need your daily sleep, get this room redecorated first and then proceed to the other rooms.

Normally all of us want our bedroom to be comfortable, beautiful and functional. In addition to re-coloring the room, concentrate on changing the furniture’s used in this room and opt for those furniture’s that not only serve their purpose but add to the appeal of the room. Select interesting and attractive pieces. Read on to know more about some of the interesting styles that add to the harmony and coziness of the room.

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furniture Style
By Boa-Franc under CC BY 2.0


Contemporary Style:

This type of style emphasizes on the principle of minimalism. The furniture’s are characterized by clear and clean cuts with sleek designs. In case of contemporary furniture greater emphasis is given on their functionality rather than their attractive appeal. Generally one can select from rectangular beds that have a chest of drawers and a wardrobe that are more or less in the same shape. One can opt for bedside tables in either oval, round, triangle or square shapes.

Most of the furniture’s have no decorative elements at all. Even if they have they are few and far between. The designers emphasize on their functional value. The contemporary bedroom furniture are made out of natural products such as wood, leather and even metal. As far as the color is concerned they range from very light to very dark. Select one that matches the color of the room. If you notice carefully you will observe that decorative items come in dark colors whereas the functional furniture’s have neutral colors.

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Furniture in Asian Style:

Asian Style furniture’s are the perfect symbol of furniture’s with an East Asian influence. One will find a diverse set of styles as it comes from a land of different people with different cultures. As a result there is diversity in the style.

You can opt for the Asian style if you wish to give your bedroom an Oriental feeling and appearance.  The furniture’s for the bedroom are simple and high on functionality with little or no ornamentation. But this does not mean that they do not have decorative designs. One can select different decorative furniture’s that has carvings and other decorative motifs on them. The Shoji screen room-dividers from Japan are among the popular functional pieces for the modern bedroom.

Most of the Asian style furniture’s are multifunctional items as such you save on a lot of space and can give your bedroom a spacious look. Some of the popular colors used are the neutral colors, earthy colors and even read and black. The surfaces of the furniture’s and other decorative items are definitely glossy, but not at all gaudy.

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Coastal Style:

Coastal style furniture’s are characterized by natural, gently curved lines that are smooth and floating. Glass, used metals, even stones are used to create this creative furniture’s. White and light blue are the predominant colors used in this style of furniture.

Opt for any one of these styles unless you want to use your creativity and mix and match the different styles in order to achieve a complete new look for your bedroom.

By Kimberly Littleton