Minimal And Modern Home Storage Design Ideas

Minimal And Modern Home Storage Design Ideas

If you need more free space at home here are some tips how to make it.


Shelving is by far your best friend when it comes to home storage solutions.  Your options are endless and you can find all sorts of great designs and styles to suit your taste and budget.  Shelving also works well in any room in the home, whether you opt to store books on shelves in your living room or bedroom, whether you use shelving in the kitchen to store dry goods in glass jars or containers, or whether you store toiletries and towels on shelves in your bathroom, it’s a great way to make use of wall space.


Double function items

Items which have double functions are the way forward when it comes to minimal and modern home storage design ideas.  This could include, for example, a wicker chest or Ottoman which is great for storage, but also serves as a place to sit, pushed up against the window.

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If your kitchen space is at a premium, then consider keeping pans inside your oven when not in use.  You’ll be amazed at how much space this could save you.


Utilise wardrobe space

 Wardrobes serve to store clothes and personal items, but make sure that you are making the most of yours.  Keep it tidy and organised, and make use of floor space where you could stack storage boxes with items inside.  Don’t forget about the space on the inside of the doors, as well.  Use this to hang items such as ties or a shoe hanger.


As well as the wardrobe, make use of the area under your bed.  If your bed doesn’t have drawers on it, then use the space underneath to neatly store things in boxes or suitcases.  Don’t just throw possessions under there though, as that will be a recipe for clutter to multiply.  If you keep things organised and tidy, then it’s more likely to stay that way, and you’ll be able to locate the items you want when you need them.

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Make use of empty spaces

Have a good look around your home and see if there are any empty spaces that you could use cleverly for storage.  For example, perhaps you have an unused area under the stairs, in a long hallway or at the back of a cupboard.  You can get hold of some really stylish storage containers and boxes these days, so don’t think that you can’t incorporate them into your design ideas.


Be realistic

Creating a minimal but modern home storage design solution requires some thought and consideration, but in order to achieve it, you’ll need to be fairly realistic.  If you have a mountain of clutter, personal possessions you’re not going to part with or other items, then you might struggle to find ways to fit everything into your storage plan.  Large items might be better put in self-storage facilities off your premises, which has the advantage in that you can visit and use them when you want, but frees up space at home for other things.

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