Finding more storage space with shelving solutions

If you’re looking for additional storage space at home then shelving is a great solution. When clutter is getting the best of you it’s time to erect a shelf. Of course you could call some professionals, but if you fancy yourself as any sort of DIY person you should consider erecting it yourself. It can be a relatively simple job, although it all depends on the specific type of shelf being installed. A well-installed shelf will take the weight for a lifetime, so it’s worth ensuring it is done properly and securely. Shelves are ideal for elevating your clutter out of your way.

Note: Keep in mind that shelves can only hold a fixed maximum weight. This is why you need to consider professional storage services whenever needed.


The first thing to do if you’re installing a shelf is to consider the weight of the items that will be stored on the shelving. Obviously the heavier the load the more robust the shelving required. This means heavy materials, large brackets and deep fixings. This is a crucial consideration as using the wrong materials will result in a shelf that can’t perform, sagging in the middle or removing itself from the wall. You probably shouldn’t install a shelf to keep your bowling ball on.

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Fixed brackets

Fixed bracket shelving is one of the most popular types of shelf, and with the correct wal fittings they are incredibly strong. L-shaped brackets should be attached to the wall and then the shelf laid on top. The shorter arm of the L-shape supports the shelf while the longer arm is fitted against the wall in a vertical position. It’s important that the right sized bracket is used for the shelf.


Floating shelves


Floating shelves
By Nina Hale under CC BY 2.0


Floating shelves are popular with interior designers because they remove the brackets which many of them find ruin the design of a room. Floating shelves are screwed directly into the wall so there is no visible fitting to obscure the wallpaper. Floating shelves offer an elegant storage solution for attractive interiors. The shelves themselves can be painted the same colour as the wall so they blend in pleasingly.


Built-in shelving


Built-in shelving
By Jeremy Levine under CC BY 2.0


Alcoves and archways can be used to create built-in shelving. Screws can be fitted to either side of the wall opening and a shelf added on top. If the area is currently unused then this is a great way of creating additional storage space.

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Free-standing shelving units

Free-standing or hanging shelving units allow the creation of additional storage space without any of this taxing DIY. These units are usually low cost and low weight, providing a significant amount of additional storage for household items, and come in a range of materials including wicker and plastic. The great thing about these lightweight shelving units is that they can be easily moved and stored when not in use.

By Alan Cairns

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