HVAC Systems: How to Buy and Keep Them Working

HVAC Systems How to Buy and Keep Them Working

Purchasing a heating system today is one of the largest purchases you will make for your home. It is also one of the most important decisions you will make because it will determine the comfort and warmth of you family for years to come. If you live in Toronto, where the winters are brutal, this choice can become even more pronounced. The equipment you choose will determine the wellbeing you feel, the cost of monthly operation, and the quality of the air you breathe within your home. When choosing, there are some factors to put at the front of the list.

Some things you want to give serious consideration to when choosing HVAC equipment, is its track record for the following:

  • Durability
  • Reliability
  • Operating Quietly
  • Excellent Warranty on all parts
  • Customer Satisfaction

Also choosing the right company to install, repair and maintain the equipment is just as important as the equipment itself. The unit must be right-sized for your home and installed professionally. Great equipment will not function properly if it is installed improperly.

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Common issues from improper unit size and installation are:

  • Incorrect cycle, where the unit runs too short if it is oversized and too long if it is undersized. This could lead to the premature wearing out of parts within the system.
  • Higher electricity bills, occurring from an oversized unit for your home requiring too much power, or from an undersized unit working too hard and using too much electricity.
  • Uneven temperature swings throughout the home caused by not enough air circulating or too much air circulating to the wrong areas of the home.
  • Inefficient ductwork for the amount of air being pushed through. The unit and size and type of ductwork should be coordinated.

When you choose any heating system you have to think about how energy efficient it is. If the system has a really high energy-efficiency, environmental footprint is reduced and you end up with a lower utility bill at the same time.

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Buy the Appropriate HVAC System

Determining the right sized system requires doing a load calculation. This involves measuring the exterior, and determining the u factor or r rating of all walls, windows, roof assemblies, and doors. You also have to include makeup air for exhaust fans and combustion air for any gas fired appliances. To do it right requires someone with experience, skill and time and should be conducted by a professional HVAC technician before you purchase your unit.

Follow The HVAC System’s Maintenance Schedule

All HVAC systems vary in some ways but each has a recommended schedule for maintenance that is designed to kep the unit operating at top efficiency. For instance, when you have a system with ducts, it is important to be sure that seams are properly sealed so checking them is going to be a necessity. Other HVAC systems are going to utilize air filters. They have to often be cleaned or replaced. There are even some systems on the market that can only be checked by licensed HVAC specialists.

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Use a Quality Repair Company to Service and Repair your HVAC System.

Hiring a company like Toronto based Accuserv Heating & Air Conditioning will ensure that you get quality service for your HVAC system and never get left without it on cold days.

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