Furniture and accessories for your orangery

The orangery was a sign of wealth and luxury in the 17th century and were often only seen in larger homes. However nowadays the orangery is increasing in popularity in many homes, there are various different furniture options and accessories that match the style and the build of your orangery.

The main type of furniture that everyone has heard about and is largely to do with orangeries is the Original Rattan, this furniture has been the first choice for the type of room mainly because it is easy to maintain and also very comfortable especially when covered with cushions. The furniture still has a sort of old style to it so it makes your conservatory look well established.

Then there is the designer aspect to furniture in your orangery as the area is more of a permanent build it often looks great with more permanent bulky furniture. This all of course depends on the room and what it is eventually going to be used for, like if you want it to be a room where you can sit and watch TV then you can keep it to minimum to make it look more unique.

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One of the best types of furniture for an orangery is Teak, this is because of its unique staining and the fact that it can be used both inside and outside the orangery because it doesn’t decay at all. Teak is actually used in boat building because of its little maintenance requirement. As I said the unique staining changes colour with age moving from a red colour to a silver colour which is something that many people find appealing about the wood amongst other things like the warmth that it brings to your orangery.

Obviously your orangery isn’t always about furniture you can put plants and many other things into it aswell. Have a look around at what you may think will fit in with your orangeries style and furniture things such as plants to bring a bit of colour into the room and give a sense of well-being within the room. You may take a fancy more to a window box because it might look better in the space you have in mind.

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Other little small additions like rugs and throws can create a natural and homely feel which goes well with the whole outdoor effect.

Most people however tend to settle for putting their own twist on things, like trying out a few different styles with different colour schemes before they settle for one solid look in their orangery. Some may go for bright and bold colours with maybe leather sofas, others may go for the more calm and neutral tone with fabric suede sofas and a soft tone of a colour like magnolia or brown something which is handy for relaxing on a night time.

Many people also like to put little lights dotted around on the inside of the orangery to give it a warm effect like candles and various other things to add quirkiness to your extension of your home.

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