Discover the 5 Secrets of Garage Door Installation Experts

Wonder how garage door repair experts manage to complete the installation and repair of garage doors within minutes? How complex doors are installed at the drop of the hat? Why can’t the normal guy achieve …

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Wonder how garage door repair experts manage to complete the installation and repair of garage doors within minutes? How complex doors are installed at the drop of the hat? Why can’t the normal guy achieve the same results when he undertakes a DIY project? To put it simply, experience pays!

There are many issues that experts encounter everyday. They improvise and devise their personal tactics to solve such installation problems. Here are 5 secrets from the garage door installation professionals to help residents feel more confident when dealing with their garage doors.

1.Garage Analysis

Homeowners imagine plans for door installation but fail to analyze the interior of their garage. The door type and style has to be planned according to the garage interior. For example, a centrally-located light fixture can be an obstruction for the electrical door opener. Also, certain door types require suitable space management in and around the garage. The floor of the garage must not be uneven or else the entire project can fall flat.

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Most people do not pay much attention to the door material. They are much more consumed by the style and visual appeal of the door. But the right material for the right environment ensures less frequent garage door repair. For example, steel doors are not suitable in tropical regions close to the sea. The humid winds can cause the door to rust within months. Similarly, wood is not the ideal choice for rainy areas.

Only a professional can analyze the weather conditions and suggest a suitable door. Users have the options to choose from wood, fiberglass, steel or aluminum. Wood offers the grace and style that no other door seems to match. But it requires constant maintenance and polishing. Steel may be sturdy but excess weight can put pressure on the door opener. Fiberglass is a light-weight alternative to steel and offered in myriad finishes.

3.Door Type

You may envy the neighbor’s door, but the same may not be suitable for your drive way. Professionals recommended overhead sectional doors for narrow driveways. If you happen to own a large home, we suggest you go with automatic up-and-over doors. There are many types of doors available in the market including:

  • Overhead sectional doors
  • Up-and-over doors
  • Swing out doors
  • Side-sectional doors
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4.Choosing the Right Opener

Every door must be matched with the appropriate opener. There are three types of garage door openers namely:

Chain-driven systems are economical and thus the preferred choice of homeowners on a budget. But they generate a lot of noise due to the presence of a metal chain. On the other hand, belt-driven openers feature a rubber belt offering quiet operation. The key to success is matching the right door with the perfect opener. The weight of the door determines the power rating of the electric motor. Heavier wooden garage doors may require powerful motors and vice versa.

5.Savings on Insulation

The next time you receive a low utilities bill, thank the garage professionals. Homeowners do not realize that open garages can consume significant energy in heating and cooling. An insulated door can maintain optimum temperature and save on thermostat costs. Choose doors featuring polystyrene or polyurethane door panels.

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6.Bonus Tip Safety and Labor Guarantee

The most important advantage of hiring a professional is the guarantee of labor. Undertaking a Do-It-Yourself project, without any technical knowledge, can be dangerous. Technicians have the right knowledge and tools necessary to complete a project successfully.

Garage door repair experts have many other tricks up their sleeves. They employ efficient techniques to give homeowners a fuss-free garage door experience. Invest in high-quality installation services and you will definitely save much more money in the long run.