World’s Most Expensive Mattresses

Most people out there want to have a perfect mattress to sleep in since comfort is definitely important. It is interesting to notice the fact that there was absolutely no study conducted in the past to highlight what bed mattress is best. We do not know what brings in a more productive sleep so everything boils down to personal preferences. This is actually what makes these expensive mattresses really popular since people from all around the world love them.

We are going to present 3 really interesting mattress brands. They are all really expensive and you will need to spend a lot on them. Never buy unless you actually get a chance to look at the mattress. It needs to perfectly match your interior design, which is sometimes not possible since some of the interesting expensive mattresses only have some color options. You would not be able to have the diversity you need so you have to be a little careful. There are some that actually buy because they like the mattress, which is not a good idea.

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Simmons Matresses

simmons mattresses

The names that are really popular in this industry because of the luxury that is offered are Select Comfort, Healthsmart, Kingsdown and Tempou-Pedic. All are made by Simmons. The mattresses sell quite well and you are practically guaranteed that you will feel comfortable.

The brands highlighted above are recognized because of the control switches offered and the completely hypoallergenic components that are used.

Hastens – Vividus Mattress

Vividus Mattress

This one is the most expensive of all mattresses you can buy. It is Swedish designed and can be described as simply sleeping while on a cloud. The price tag is huge, close to $60,000. The regular mattress out there costs just 700 dollars so the Vividus is something that will put you in a big hole.

Kluft Mattresses

Kluft Mattresses

The Kluft mattresses are the most expensive from an American manufacturer. They are handcrafted and you will particularly appreciate the Beyond Luxury Suplime line. It is made out of a combination of horsehair, exotic wools, cashmere, certified organic cotton, silk and Talaly latex (all natural). Various interesting colors are available so you can easily choose something that is great according to your interior design. Also, remember that Kluft also offers some mattresses that are under $1,000.

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