Making Your House Move a Smooth One

A house move is one of those tasks that can make you pull your hair just by the thought of it. Just the idea of moving an entire household is daunting. There are ten million …

A house move is one of those tasks that can make you pull your hair just by the thought of it. Just the idea of moving an entire household is daunting. There are ten million things to take care of and the time is running out. However, with a little bit of careful planning and organising, even a house move can turn out to be a smooth one. Here are a few tips that can help you keep your cool during a house move and make it as less bothersome as possible


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Plan in advance

When it comes to a house move, it’s never too early. You can simply start by buying a binder file and start listing everything that would need to be done. Keep this file always with you. A brilliant idea may strike you while you are buying groceries. You may jot it down on a random piece of paper, but most likely, you’ll lose it. Make a list of people and services you would need to notify about the address change. Make a list of tasks to be done, include even the most obvious ones. Make a list of the removal companies you can contact.

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Things you can take care of yourself

Get done with the packing you can do yourself. Leave only the big, unmanageable things to the removals people. This move can be a great time for you to de-clutter. Get rid of all the old stuff. Donate, re-cycle, trash, gift, do whatever, but get rid of everything that doesn’t need to go to the new house.


Services to be contacted

When you move a house, there would be a number of services that would need to be transferred to the new address or be cancelled. These may include- phone, electricity, gas, cable, internet, newspaper, magazine etc. Talk to them well in advance and ask whether you can simply get the services transferred to the new address or that you would need to contact new service providers in the area. Work on the same accordingly.


Familiarising kids with the new house

Kids can be very sensitive to a house move. Kids often tend to get attached to their rooms and house. They would be leaving their friends back. This is a hard time for them too. Take them to the new house at least once before the move. Familiarise them with the house and the surroundings so that they are comfortable moving there.

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Taking care of the pets on the move day

The best you can do is to give your pet to a family member or a friend to take care of before a few days of the move. The packing up of the house and seeing a lot of strangers frequently can distress them. The hustle on the moving day can panic them and they can get into one of their impossible-for-a-human-to-reach corners.


Be prepared for the unexpected

Keep a scope for the unexpected- rains, the moving van is too large for the street to park in, some important thing left to pack, some documentation forgotten etc. Think of all such things to avoid them. Be as dramatic as you can be. Nevertheless, if such a situation arises, keep the panic and stress to the bare minimum.


Storage and house removal company

DIY moves are only good for young couples and students who hop apartments. For families, it is always best to get a professional storage and house removal company. Talk around for suggestions. Make a comparative study of the available options and make the best pick. Ask for the additional services they may offer like storage if required, insurance of the goods while on the roads, packaging of goods etc.