Kitchen Renovation Ideas

If you are fed up with your kitchen and keep thinking of renovating then you could fall into the trap of simply replacing what you can currently see, with an updated version of the same. Although you can do this, (if you really want to) why not go for a complete renovation? Often the cost difference is not that much and you can get a totally new look to boot! Here are some ideas on kitchen renovations.


If you are renovating your kitchen because you are tired of storage issues and just cannot keep the place clean, then an inbuilt kitchen can solve a lot of problems for you. Inbuilt cookers, microwaves, fridges and freezers will add space to a small kitchen and save time on cleaning, and leave surfaces clear for food preparation.


If you do a lot of dining in your kitchen and not in a dining room, then creating an environment that suits both cooking and dining can be wonderful for you. If it has been some time since your kitchen was installed, you most likely don’t have a breakfast bar, or inbuilt seating area and so renovating your kitchen with dining activities in mind can change the whole feel and look of it, as well as adding extra space to what is often a very cluttered area when used so often. It is very easy to make a nice dining surface using sander hire to smooth out old surfaces.

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Foodie style

If you are a foodie, and you just love all things to do with food and for cooking, then you can easily reflect this in your kitchen renovation by installing areas for fresh spices, hanging your utensils (rather than hiding them) and of course investing in a very large fridge to contain all of your inventions! A kitchen can reflect your favourite pastime and this is just all the more true if you love cooking, feeding and dining at home. Rather than update the status quo of your kitchen, have a hunt around and see if the budget you are planning to spend on an update can be spent on a revamp instead – you really will feel thankful for it once it’s done!


If you rarely use the kitchen, and tend to only be there for breakfast – then having lots of unused spaces can be wasteful. Rather than stick with the cooker and the fridge, why not invest your updating budget into a look that will make those mornings work better for you? Modernise your kitchen, and add some sleek surfaces, and some really cool early morning machinery like a coffee machine, toaster and smart fridge, so that if you are only using the kitchen in the mornings, you are using it to the maximum and really making the most of the space. Add a magazine rack as well, I mean why not?

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If you are renovating the kitchen to accommodate a growing family, then one way to make the most of your renovation budget is to create a more homely environment, and this is especially true if you have recently added little people to your family. When your children come into play, kitchen priorities change and so adding units for better storage, safer cookers and fridges and of course a free space for a play area are all good renovation expenses that will give you a good service from your kitchen for the next few years.

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