Increase the Value of Your Home with a Loft Conversion

Our home is very important for our overall lifestyle and the way we feel. We all work hard to earn money and establish the type of life we want to live. At home is where we find some peace and quiet and manage to recharge our batteries. It is there that proper relaxation and all new great ideas come to surface. This is why we must always spend time and money on making our personal home space inviting for ourselves and others who might benefit from it. Today we will analyze how we can increase the value of our home with a loft conversion. Let’s go through details below.

Real Increase in Value through Loft Conversions

Recent real estate studies have revealed that the value of a home can be increased a lot through loft conversions. It can go up to more than $42.000 or somewhere around the 22% of increase in value when proper changes are made to it.

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The Value of Adding an Extra Bathroom

A simple adding of an extra bathroom in the house can easily increase it selling price by nearly $10.000 as far as reports say. Whenever we are looking for a new property to purchase we all pay attention to such details. We need a lot of space, perfect interior design features and as many rooms as we consider necessary. It is all about taking advantage as well as possible of all the available space in the house. So an extra bathroom can increase the value of your house with up to 5%.

The Increase in Value through Extra Floor Areas

According to professionals, at the same time, if you consider increasing the floor area for example this can also mean an increased selling price by 10%. You invest a lot less than you earn when you decide to make changes into your house. You might decide to make a loft conversion just for your own personal comfort or for getting a better price when you sell the property. Either way, this is an advantageous decision for you to make.

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The Advantage of Bedroom Additions in the House

Following the same pattern, the simple addition of a decent-sized bedroom in the house has the real potential of boosting its value by 11%. Extra usable space is always associated with better quality accommodation. No one wants to live in a single room where everything gets crowded and uncomfortable.

Whenever people search to buy a new property they pay attention to details regarding the available space. When it is well valued and extra bedrooms or floor spaces as well as more bathrooms are included, they are willing to pay more because they know they get more value out of their new purchase.

We are all willing to pay more for improved comfort. This is why all studies reveal a huge increase in the value of properties with simple loft conversions.

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