How to Create a Mediterranean Style Ambiance in Your Home

How to Create a Mediterranean Style Ambiance in Your Home

The region of Mediterranean is known for its romantic feel and low-key luxe. Now you can bring these feelings to your home that will also evoke the sense of sparkling turquoise waters, seaside dwelling, vibrant sunsets and sun drenched days. In fact, you can reflect the lazy elegance of the area in your stunning home by using rustic textures and finishes in classical European lines.

Following are some of the tips that will help you to carve same classic and casual Mediterranean style to your home.


Mediterranean Style
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  • Use of Colors and Canvas Prints Artwork:

Both earthy and vibrant colors can reflect the Mediterranean style and you can use any or both color schemes. For instance, bold jewelry tones like lapis blue, sunflower, emerald green, aubergine etc. can easily and quite fascinatingly be set against the backdrops in earthy colors. On the other hand, you can focus on accents if you do not want to cover your walls with intense colors. In this regard, typical Mediterranean homes usually have earthy light colors with bright textiles, artworks and materials. Similarly, for touches of jewel-toned brilliance, you can also add various photo to canvas prints in bold colors.

  • Wall Texture:
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Another great and common feature of Mediterranean homes is the textured or plastered walls. Similarly, the wall finishes usually ranges from refined and smooth to highly textured and rough. However, it is very difficult to get raised textures all by yourself and you might need a pro to accomplish the task.

  • Furnishings:

The main furnishing for classic Mediterranean homes is usually rustic, sturdy, and large and hand made. Similarly, upholstered pieces normally have tapestry or leather in addition with wood carved and exposed elements. Therefore, you should look for the pieces of furniture that have an aged or rustic quality in classical European terms. Furthermore, you can try small accent pieces such as a side chair or entry table if you cannot afford the large traditional pieces. Furthermore, you can complement the furnishing by using light colored artworks such as canvas prints.

  • Fabrics:

Silk, wool and cotton are indispensible for every room in a Mediterranean home. Similarly in order to get the look of a tapestry, elegant pillows, drapes and rugs were often made with heavier woven.  If you are determined to get a Mediterranean style home then you can buy few yards of heavy fabric inspired by painted tapestry to hang on home walls. Furthermore, it is a good idea to use wrought iron curtain rod to hand the fabric that will complement the looks quite brilliantly.

  • Light and Bright:
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Mediterranean homes are always built in way that they can absorb plenty of natural light. In fact, those homes are considered incomplete if they are devoid of breezy window treatments, large windows and off course constant see breeze. You can get the same ambiance in your own home by using light paint hues, mirrors and glossy finishes to reflect the natural light coming into your home. Similarly, it is also great to swap your heavy curtains with sheer ones and take your drapes to further on either side of window and as higher up as possible.


Other important features of a classical Mediterranean home are elegant use of iron and extremely textured and beautiful flooring. Therefore, you need to include all these elements in your home if you want to get an ambiance that mimics that of Mediterranean.

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