Tips For Choosing The Right Architect For Your Project

When you decide to build a new house or to modify the house you live in, you need the help of a trustworthy architect. You have to be able to share your lifestyle, style preferences, …

When you decide to build a new house or to modify the house you live in, you need the help of a trustworthy architect. You have to be able to share your lifestyle, style preferences, hobbies and other personal aspects of your life with the architect in order to end up with the home of your dreams. Trusting the architect is crucial and you cannot count on the fact that you will be there all the time to guide and give suggestions to the architect and you cannot expect the architect to modify its entire project because you did not offer enough details about what you have in mind. You have to share your ideas at the beginning and to listen to the architect’s advice and opinions. It is important to work with an architect that will lead the project and not delegate this responsibility to the construction team.

If you don’t know how to find an architect that will help you build or modify your house, here are some tips for choosing the right architect for your project:

  1. Search Online

First of all, you should see if, in your country, there is a website directory for architects. If there is, start your searches there; if you cannot find a directory, make a list of the architectural firms in your country that are included in the local Institute of Architects. Check their ratings and read clients’ reviews. Try to look at those testimonials with objectivity, do not call the first architect with high ranking on the list. Since you have to build a connection with the architect, communication is important and you have to be sure you can trust a person with your ideas and other personal aspects.

  1. Make a Short List

After you considered these things, make a list of architectural firms you think are suitable for your project, contact them and have a face-to-face discussion with one of their architects. Make sure that person will be your contact throughout the process and that the architectural firm won’t change the person in charge of your project.

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You can also choose an independent architect if that makes you feel more comfortable. In this way you will receive guidance throughout the whole process and their autonomy will allow you to have more control over the project since you will be able to select the contractors that will work on your project.

For an architect, each client is an opportunity to provide unique outcomes however, experienced architects will take into consideration the client’s desires. Make sure your architect is able to meet your requirements and that he/she communicates with you when they have questions or when they think some of your ideas are not plausible. A good architect will stay with you from the first phase of the project, the initial predesign, until the final build construction. Make sure you and the architect are on the same page and you can communicate properly. If you have any doubts, try to talk to other architects and ask a different architect for a second opinion or select another architect if you don’t feel like you can trust the one you talked to initially.

  1. Ask for Referees

Before moving forward and sign a contract with an architectural firm or an independent architect, ask for referees. Do not limit the contact list of referees to past clients, make sure the list includes contact details of other contractors, such as builders, engineers and suppliers. In this way you will be able to determine if the architect can provide the standard of design and work ethic you require for your project.