How To Repair Cracks And Chips In Marble Flooring

Marble flooring is delicate. The stone is delicate and it is so easy to end up with damages. We normally see marble as being really strong but that is not actually the case. The good news is that you can repair such flooring without having to spend thousands. Replacing the flooring is difficult because of the high price tags but the truth is that the repairs are not that difficult. Chips and cracks can be fixed if you consider the following.

Preparing Marble Flooring For Repairs

You have marble floor that is chipped. That means that you do not actually have to remove finish in order to repair the damage. Wiping the floor is also not needed. Minimal preparation that you have to consider involves being sure that the area is completely clear of all dust and debris. Also, inside the hole you have to be sure that there is no rock debris present. Brushes can easily be used to do this and a miniature vacuum is all that you need in order to suck out that debris. Tack cloth can remove dust around the hole.

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Replacing The Missing Marble Chunk

In the event that you still have the missing marble chunk, the repair is simple. The great thing about this flooring material is that it rarely crumbles. Adhesive that is formulated especially for stone or marble would be used for the repair. Just apply some of it and then some on the missing piece. Wipe away all excess adhesive and make sure that you press down when you put the missing chunk back.

Filling The Marble Hole

The easiest possible method to repair marble flooring is to use adhesive and fill the hole. Be sure that the hole is properly cleaned and that you use epoxy with 2 parts that are mixed. They are normally better. Putty knife is needed to spread that epoxy inside the hole. Take a rag, wet it down and remove all excess water. You use this to wipe the edges of the hole. What is really important is to be sure that everything is done at a good level and that you do not have excess epoxy that remains.

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Finishing The Project

After you see that epoxy is properly cured, the affected spot can be sealed with the use of polyurethane. Just use small amounts in plastic bowls. Apply with the use of a micro brush based on the indications of the manufacturer.

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