Most Expensive Outdoor Bedroom In The World

There are so many ways in which you can live the great life. This is quite obvious with luxurious options being available all around the world. However, the luxurious lifestyle is basically symbolized perfectly by New York City. It should come as no surprise to notice that this is the city where you will find the most expensive outdoor bedroom in the entire world, at AKA Central Park.

AKA Central Park

This bedroom is located at the seventeenth floor. It is offering all the comfort you will imagine, including a fireplace right on the outside. You can enjoy it as you stay under the stars or as you simply enjoy a martini.

The AKA Central Park’s outdoor bedroom is an add-on of the 2 penthouse suites available. The one on the eastern side is seen as being better and both are seen as great for those that are looking for some romance. Not many NYC places can be more romantic that this one, with views of Central Park and the skyscrapers surrounding the hotel.

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The only real problem is that the bedroom is going to be really popular. Many wealthy celebrities appreciate it and they will be more than willing to pay $3,000 per night for a chance to have this outdoor bedroom. It is always a good idea to book around 2 weeks in advance. You should know that the outdoor bedroom is only available on a per demand basis. It will take that long to set it up properly. Obviously, you will want to look at the weather forecasts since bad weather can easily destroy the experience.

As already mentioned, the bedroom is offered in correlation with the penthouse suit. The 2 penthouse suites cost $2,000 per one night. In the event that you want the extra outdoor bedroom experience, you will pay more, with the amount mentioned above. The penthouses have 900 square feet available, with various great additions like a huge SONY LCD TV set, a spa shower, a concealed kitchen, terrace dining space and much more.

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The expensive outdoor bedroom gives you access to a valet that will set up your fire for you. There is a really powerful telescope present and you will receive complimentary champagne and candles if you want them. You can even have a massage in the middle of the night, under the stars. Obviously, at such high prices, you can receive almost everything that you want and you will be treated like royalty.

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