Great Tips For Your Next Kitchen Remodeling Project

Do you want to remodel your kitchen? There are countless of things that can be mentioned and numerous tips that you can take into account. This is why it is a certainty that you will …

kitchen remodeling

Do you want to remodel your kitchen? There are countless of things that can be mentioned and numerous tips that you can take into account. This is why it is a certainty that you will appreciate at least some of those presented below. They can make the process more affordable and the journey less stressful.

Try The Island Before You Buy It

The center island addition is quite common addition during kitchen remodeling because of the extra storage space and counter space gained. The problem is that the island limits how many individuals can use the space at the same time. Traffic flow is reduced and quarters can quickly become cramped.

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Avoid many possible future problems by simply trying the island before buying. You can do this with cardboard or plywood. Just build a full scale model of the island you consider. Make sure that you have enough space free to open the doors of the refrigerator and the stove. When you notice there is not enough space, you save a lot of money and stress in the future.

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Set Up A Working Temporary Kitchen

During kitchen remodeling, you normally cannot use the kitchen for cooking. This can easily lead to a lot of money wasted on food. You can save cash by setting up a temporary kitchen where you can have your coffee, wash your dishes, and cook while the main kitchen cannot be used.

A very simple way to set up the working temporary kitchen is to keep some of the old countertops and cabinets. There is no need to focus on a very fancy setup. Just focus on functionality. Install the new cabinets and then cut the countertop so it fits (if this is needed). After, just add items that are needed for meal preparations, like a few places, the microwave oven, a small refrigerator, a coffeemaker, and your toaster.

Leave Some Extra Space For A Larger Fridge

When you get some new cabinets but it is your wish to keep the refrigerator, it is worth leaving space between the cabinets. The purpose is to offer you enough space available for a larger, wider fridge at the later point in time. Some panels or filler strips can be added to fill up all the extra space.

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Shelving between panels right on top of the fridge can be considered and top cabinets are obviously an option. Make sure that you order all panels and filler strips at the same time with the cabinets. This guarantees that they will match.

Double-Check Cabinet Measurements

When the floor is kept and cabinets are replaced, which is a common scenario, it is possible that gaps appear between new cabinets and all floors. The base cabinets have a depth of 24 inches but the depths of the toe kicks vary. This can be in increments between 6 and 48 inches.

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When the new cabinets do not fit the footprint of the old cabinets, gaps remain. The gaps that are smaller than ¾ inches can be hid with the use of molding.

Order Kitchen Countertops After You Install Cabinets

After you install the base cabinets, start measuring. This gives you accurate measurements so that you know exactly what countertop dimensions have to be ordered. Because of some changes that happen during installation, cabinets might end up with different dimensions. As an example, the corner might end up being narrower than the rest of the wall since joint compounds were used.

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Plan Under-Cabinet Storage Racks

You should consider pull-down racks because they offer fast access to numerous kitchen essentials while removing clutter caused by knife holders and spice racks. As you finish cooking, this rack offers more storage space under cabinets.

Make your very own pull-down racks or buy some that are ready-made. Just make sure you measure first to be sure you get the fit right.

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