Learn This About Adding A Sauna To Your Home

Most homeowners only dream about saunas but the truth is they are affordable and can be added to so many homes due to how technology advanced in the past few years. The saunas are particularly attractive when the snow comes in but you do not need that to enjoy it, for sure. Saunas offer so many health benefits, helping the body to get rid of toxins and making us feel so much better. When you install the home sauna you will go through a big project. Various decisions will have to be made so you really want to read the following tips for adding a sauna to your property.

Build Your Own Sauna Or Premade Models?

There are many sauna models that are ready to be installed in a smaller time frame since they are already assembled. You find some that are in a kit form and in other cases you can custom build the sauna. Even portable saunas exist these days. In many cases the prices will vary a lot, all based on materials, size and so many other factors. The smaller premade sauna can be bought for only $1,000 without installation. The custom models will end up costing a whole lot more than that.

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Choose the type of sauna to install in your home and remember that when wiring does not support voltage with electric saunas, licensed electricians are going to be necessary.

Outdoors Or Indoors?

The indoor saunas are definitely the most common ones but you can consider the outdoor model, of course. Think about what option is the best for you based on your home. However, remember that extra insulation will be necessary when you add the sauna outdoors.

Understand The Materials

The most classic of the choices is definitely cedar as it resists rotting, has a great fragrance and will not splinter that easily. Excess heat is not absorbed and durability is definitely high. While this is definitely a good option, you can opt for something cheaper, especially softer woods like spruce and hemlock. Tile or concrete are great options for the floor of the sauna. Do consider that!

Heat Source

You would heat saunas in one of 2 ways:

  • Wood-burning or electric heat sources – these are the traditional saunas.
  • Water added to heated stones.
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You can also opt for the infrared saunas, which are more modern and use radiant heating elements. This is an option that is rarely considered by those that are more purists.

What Size Should The Sauna Be?

The last thing you will need to think about is size. Will the sauna be for the solo retreat or will it be for a party central. The style that you choose should be based on what you like but the size should be based on how many will use the sauna at the same time. Do be sure that the ceiling is not too high. A height of 7 feet is normally great. However, something like 6 feet should be more than enough.

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