Setting Up A Gaming Room – How To Get The Best Gaming Room Setup

When you love playing video games and you have the space available, setting up a gaming room is something you want. However, this is not as easy as you might think. Sure, at first glance …

When you love playing video games and you have the space available, setting up a gaming room is something you want. However, this is not as easy as you might think. Sure, at first glance you are just interested in a few things but the truth is that many different elements can make or break the entire experience. Also, you do want interior design to be attractive, right? After all, a game room is always used by you and your friends.

The Basic Gaming Room Setup

The truth is that setting up a gaming room revolves mostly around the space that you have available and the vibe you want to create. However, before you think about these, you need the basics. You cannot start picking game room furniture before you have the following basics:

  • Gaming PC And TV

When you are looking for a true ultimate gaming experience, you have to put money into a really good PC, one that is built for gamers. If you do not have this, you will end up not being able to play all the modern games everyone talks about.

Obviously, there are people that do not want to play PC games. They are more interested in console games. If this is you, it is a certainty you already know that you need to buy an Xbox or a PlayStation (latest generation, of course) but the TV that you buy will make or break the gaming room setup. Check out this list of the best gaming TVs from RTINGS for further guidance on that. If you cannot afford the modern TVs, you can opt for budget options, of course.

  • Gaming Accessories
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Besides the gaming PC and/or TV, you need some other accessories, like a Bluetooth keyboard, HDMI cables, wireless optical mouse and so on. Check out a good online store to see how much you have to spend on these before setting up a gaming room. Just think about what you need in the beginning as extra accessories can be bought in the future.

  • Games

After the gaming room is set up you want to play games. You would be surprised to see how many just put all their money in the game room and in the gaming setup and are left without money to buy the actual games. Do not think that 2 games are enough! You will get bored. Having some games in the beginning will make you enjoy your new gaming room more.

Gaming Room Size

Now that we talked about the basics, it is time to focus on setting up the actual gaming room. The first thing you need to think about is size since it is going to practically dictate all the major changes you are going to make. Space also impacts the room’s experience and enjoyment.

The truth is that a gaming room should never be too large as you cannot properly get immersed in your games. At the same time, comfort will be reduced and sound will just not be the same. However, a really small gaming room will make you feel cramped.

Take the time you need to discover the ideal gaming room size and then plan what space or room in the house is perfect for the experience you want to create. For some people a gaming station, some simple game room furniture and a comfortable desk is all that is needed. For others, something larger is desired.

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Overlooking acoustics when you set up your gaming room is one of the worst things you could do. The only situation when this is irrelevant is when you will do most of the gaming while you wear headphones. Really good speakers are needed. Those speakers have to cover the entire space. Generally, it is a really good idea to invest in a 7.1 surround system, although 5.1 is enough for many gamers.

One extra thing that should be mentioned is that although it is not a necessity, if the surround sound setup is loud, soundproofing the gaming room might be a very good idea. Your neighbors or people that live with you will surely say thanks.


In the gaming room you need to pull together various elements, like controllers, sound systems, lighting, monitors, TV sets, consoles and so on. These generally have wires and you do not want to see a bunch of wires all throughout the gaming room.

Think about how you can arrangewiring before the gaming room is set up. Do not just randomly add everything and then figure out what to do with the wires. Different options are available from wireless devices to game room furniture with hidden compartments designed for wire storage. You can choose under-carpet wiring, hidden storage, cable tidies and more. Just think about it the result will be much better while you also get rid of numerous potential trip hazards.

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This definitely needs to be a big consideration for the perfect gaming setup. It will impact the room’s feel and look. Proper lighting will make the room look cool but it can also impact cognitive function or mood. Learn about creating a good gaming environment and do not dismiss the importance of lighting.

Game Room Furniture

We left gaming furniture last because this is what is highly subjective. Some people will want a desk and a really good gaming chair while others want to add a large sofa to enjoy gaming with as many friends as possible. Your choices will depend on how much size and money you have available, together with the reason why the gaming room is set up in the first place. Fortunately, there is no shortage of gaming furniture available on the market. Take advantage and choose something that is perfect for you.

Final Considerations

Setting up a gaming room is something that takes time. If you want the best possible setups, you might even want to talk to an experienced interior designer. Do not take it lightly and believe you just have to add some things that you want and all will be perfect! What you add in the room and the choices you make, like those mentioned above, will make or break the gaming room.

Don’t forget to use the internet for ideas. HOMEBNC has some great ideas right here and you can always check networks like Pinterest for even more suggestions.