How To Plan A Period Property Renovation

Period property renovations are always going to be highly stressful. It is really important to do it right, especially when there are some laws involved in some areas about property renovations. If you are faced with such a project, there are various things that you can do differently than what you initially had in mind. The very best tips that you should remember are highlighted below:

  • The first thing you need to do is have a survey done. This is especially necessary in the event there are doubts about property structure.
  • Before you are contracting any builder, make sure that you consider only those with property renovation experience. Have some examine the property, listen to opinions, advice and what is told about time needed and costs.
  • You want to get local recommendations for plumbers, electricians and builders. 3 quotes from every single trade are necessary for comparison. If you cannot find that, you want to look online for them.
  • Try to hire sub-contractors, electricians, builders and architects without an intermediary. When you have enough time, be a Site manager. This helps you to save up to 30% and you are sure that the work is done right.
  • Always check to see Conservation areas, listed status and grants that could affect what is allowed with the property renovation and what is not. If you have to respect rules and regulations, talk about the proposed property renovation ideas and see if you are allowed to go on with the project. Approval is usually necessary for major works.
  • Do have around 20% extra available for money and time since there are almost always some extra costs that appear and unexpected delays.
  • Talk with the local real estate agents to see the value of the house if renovated. That can help you to see how much money is to be considered as being worth spending on renovation projects.
  • Visit the architectural salvage reclamation yards. They can offer you various items and materials at discounted prices.
  • Try to prioritize work being done in one room at a time. Focus on what is a priority for you first, like the bedroom or the bathroom. This helps you to make it easier to deal with long term projects.
  • Do be sure you have some time off from the property renovation project so you can dedicate it to your health and relationship. You do need to have fun and these renovations are normally really stressful.
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On the whole, property renovations are stressful and need to be properly managed at all times. You do need to work with professionals that know as much as possible about everything that will have to be done. Never underestimate how complicated such projects can be.

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