How To Best Show Off Your Favorite Piece of Artwork in Your Home

Showing off your artwork can be a daunting task. You want it to look perfect but you surely do not want it to seem as if you are showing off. Because of this, it is …

Showing off your artwork can be a daunting task. You want it to look perfect but you surely do not want it to seem as if you are showing off. Because of this, it is easy for people to end up making some mistakes, ending up with artwork displays that are inferior to what they could have been.

If you want to show off your artwork in a much better way, with proper arrangement, here are some suggestions you are going to appreciate.

Buy Artwork You Love

A really important part of properly displaying art is to buy something that you really love. You do not really have to go for the more expensive art, as some will tell you. What you are mostly interested in is gaining pleasure from your artwork. If you love the art you will find it much easier to display it in a proper way.

Always Hang At An Appropriate Height

When you display portraits or prints, the best thing you can do is hung at around eye level for a person between 5’6’’ and 5’8’’. What you are interested in is being able to enjoy the art in a completely natural way, at a proper level. Looking up at art is a really bad thing so never hang it too high.

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Groupings Are Great

If the display is created on a wall that is large, the artwork should be hung close together instead of being scattered all across available space. This is true even if you are hanging some pictures over a buffet or a couch. Never let the art feel spaced out to cover the space of furniture. Pieces should be at an equidistant placement from one another while being centered over half or middle third of the considered focal point.

Constantly Build The Gallery

When you build a collage as time passes, make sure you start with the center first. Gradually fill your wall by covering space around the initial cluster. This allows you to avoid having to patch holes or take some pieces down. Tape paper templates on your wall in order to play with the arrangement. Alternatively, spread artwork on the floor to get the look you desire.

When You Have Small Artwork

In most situations it is a lot better to use oversized art instead of undersized items. This is great on most of the walls but you can use small artwork in a highly effective way. Intentionally use diminutive frames in order to make the viewer want to get closer. When you want this type of effect, small is better.

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Choosing Appropriate Frames Is Really Important

Most homeowners prefer frames that are as complex as possible, with a design of their own. This rarely works well. A much better alternative is to use matte black plain frames. They are not going to be competition for the art and the boundary is elegant. Try to create some sort of repetitive pattern as this is going to make the display more attractive.

Mixing Frame Styles

Most frame finishes and styles can coexist. This includes forged iron, tooled iron, antique brass, mosaic glass and painted ceramic. You can easily mix these types of frames so that you create a completely unique mix. However, be sure that the frames do not take away from the beauty of the artwork, as already mentioned.

Use A Mat

Matting is going to add some elegance and the artwork will receive a professional touch. A mat is going to highlight subject matter and colors.

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High Ceiling Options

If the ceiling of the room is a little bit too high, hanging the artwork above doors is something that can look stunning. That is perfect for 9 feet ceilings. Step effect, for instance, is really simple to achieve with framed images.