The Most Expensive Brooklyn Single Family Home

It is obvious that real estate stands out as an indicator of how the economy of the company goes. There are various uncertainties that are reflected in real estate market unstable prices. When we analyze Brooklyn, it is quite obvious that prices went up, especially with the most expensive Brooklyn single family home, Gravesend, with a listing price of $14 million. It is a home that is located on Ocean Parkway and automatically made headlines. You can easily imagine that this is the case since the price tag was so impressive.

As you surely already imagined, the property is impressive. We are talking about a home that is of 9,200 square feet with a master bedroom that features French doors and a private balcony.


Gravesend boasts 2 kitchens and one elevator, together with a staircase that is art-nouveau. Its exterior features limestone accents and is finished with the use of 2 tone stucco and authentic terracotta style green Spanish roof.

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The exact same family has been owning the home since the year 1992. Now it decided ti add it to the market because children moved out. The agent handling this listing is Ryan Serhant and he was a part of the decision process in finalizing asking price. The main reason why the price tag is so high is that there are absolutely no comparable properties that are present in Syrian Sephardic.

The placement is great and the community is very well knit. Serhant actually trades properties only inside the community. Because of this, prices are incredibly high when compared to the general market since it is really dull. The entire Gravesand area stands out as being the place for the really expensive real estate market inside the area.

As you may know, the real estate market stood out as being in the dumps in the year 2011 but that was when a property there ended up selling at $10.26 million. Last year we saw another home that was sold for the price of $10.25 million. In 2005 we had a house that was sold for $11 million and this new property is a lot more expensive.

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