Most Expensive Decorative Objects In The World

Most Expensive Decorative Objects In The World

From antique collectables to paintings and furniture, there are many valuable decorative objects in the world that cost millions. Having one or many expensive decorative objects in their home is every collector’s dream, especially when those objects are historic artifacts or symbolic representations of their time.

Most Expensive Decorative Objects In The World

Most Expensive Painting

Pablo Picasso’s Les femmes d’Alger was sold at an auction for 173.9 million dollars. The name of the buyer wasn’t revealed but the painting holds the record for the most expensive painting sold at an auction.

Most Expensive Small Antique Object

The Olyphant is probably the most expensive small antique object and it was sold for 17 million dollars. This small object is actually a horn that was used in ancient battles. This type of objects were typically carved from ivory. The Olyphant dated from the 11th century.

Most Expensive Jar

An Asian artifact, more precisely a jar shaped like a dragon, dating from the 17th century was sold at an auction for more than 8 million dollars.

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The American Double Gold Eagle

The American “double gold eagle” is actually a coin that was made in 1933. Only 3 coins circulated because the government changed their minds and wanted the coins to be returned. Three of them remained in circulation. Two ended up in a museum while one was stolen and then ended up in various private collection. Last time it was sold at an auction, the coin was bought for 7.6 million dollars.

Most Expensive Chair

Fauteuil aux dragons, also known as the “dragons’ armchair” is a small chair with beautiful sculptures on its armrests.  The chair was created by Miss Eileen Gray between 1917 and 1919. Miss Gray became famous for her luxury furniture collections later on and the chair was owned by various personalities, designers and collectors since then. It is believed that Yves Saint Laurent also owned the chair at some point.

Fabergé Eggs

Fabergé Eggs are probably the most famous expensive luxury decorative objects known worldwide. The eggs were commissioned by the royal family of Russia and were 50 in total. Only 43 of the 50 survived and they cost at least 1.5 million dollars each. Last time an Imperial Egg was on the market it was sold for more than 20 million dollars.

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Harrington Commode

Designed by Thomas Chippendale, Harrington Commode is a chest of drawers that set the record for the most expensive English furniture sold during an auction. Harrington Commode dates from 1770.

Artemis and the Stag Statue

Artemis and the Stag is a sculpture that most probably dates from early Roman Imperial and it is a bronze sculpture of the ancient Greek goddess Artemis. The sculpture estimated between 5 million dollars and 7 million dollars was sold at an auction for 28.6 million dollars.

Badminton Cabinet

Commissioned by Henry Somerset in 1726, the Badminton Cabinet is considered the greatest Florentine work of art from its time. This unique cabinet is executed in ebony, pietra dura and gilt bronze and it also incorporates other materials like lapis lazuli, Sicilian red and green jasper and agate.

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