What In-Ground Pool Type Should You Consider?

If you want to add an in-ground pool to your home, now is the perfect time to do just that. There are various discounts that are offered by pool contractors because it is that time of the year. Business is slow so why not take advantage of the discounts?

There are various different things that have to be taken into account but one of the really important ones is what type should be installed. The main in-ground pool types you will want to opt for are the following.

Concrete Swimming Pools

The concrete swimming pool is very popular but it is also the most expensive option available on the market at the moment. Builders will basically pump some wet concrete into steel reinforced walls. After the concrete cures, it is troweled smoothed with plastering and then painted.

A big advantage of the concrete swimming pool is that you can build it according to any size desired while all shapes can be covered. You are thus capable of building a completely custom pool. In most cases it takes around 3 to 12 weeks to properly install the pool. It is definitely longer than what most owners expect but concrete is very strong, with high durability. You can easily rebuild, enlarge, update and refinish the concrete pools.

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Vinyl Swimming Pools

The vinyl-lined swimming pools are also quite popular, with growing numbers noticed all around the world. The pool will be made out of a 1 piece flexible liner fitting into excavated holes, all attached to aluminum or steel framed walls. The vinyl swimming pool is only available in limited number of shapes and sizes. Most vinyl swimming pools are rectangular but you can find some that are freeform or L-shape.

Remember that the vinyl-lined swimming pool can be punctured or ripped by sharp objects, playful dogs, pool toys and the likes. You can fix the damaged liners but you may want to consider the heavy-duty liner with a thickness of at least twenty mm.

Fiberglass Swimming Pools

These are factory molded right into bowl-shaped giant shells. These are then put into the hole that was excavated with the use of a crane. Shapes and sizes are highly limited but the fiberglass swimming pool is one of the fastest that can be installed, with just 3 days being needed. It is highly affordable. At the same time, its finish is gel-based, being nonporous and highly durable. The pools are going to need fewer chemicals than the common concrete swimming pools. You only need to be 100% sure that there is enough space available in your backyard for the crane to maneuver. Also, no overhead power lines or wires should exist.

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Final Thoughts

These three swimming pool types are available all around the world. However, it is not uncommon to have one type being more common than the others in the area where you live. Be sure that you check different contractors before you choose what type to install in your backyard. This also helps you to find the best possible prices.

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