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French Heritage appeared on the market just a small time ago, in the year 1981, created by Hennessy and Jacques Wayser. The luxury furniture brand is now renowned all around the world among enthusiasts that are interested in only the high-end stuff. The partnership was interesting as Henessy had the American market knowledge that was necessary to complement Jacques’ French furniture expertise. We had the first collection being launched in the year 1984. That was when the design innovation, traditional design and elegant craftsmanship presented were seen as perfect for the current market.

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Everything started out as a passion for antiques. Eventually, the firm turned into a company that specialized in future heirlooms crafted with the exact same techniques that were used by European master craftsmen for hundreds of years. All the products that are offered feature delicate handmade carvings and really rich finishes. Furniture is guaranteed to look perfect for hundreds of years.

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French Heritage brings in a huge passion for tradition. This leads to some pretty interesting reproductions. Everything is better than the furniture that is mass-produced. The feel and look of genuine antique furniture are great. Quality is not just based on the appearance of the furniture. We are faced with impeccable materials, technique and eye for detail. We have traditional and innovative techniques used in order to create something that will withstand the test of time. What is truly special is the fact that French Heritage offers furniture that always respects the quality standards associated with original antique furniture.

You will particularly love the fact that fine solid woods are used in all the furniture created by French Heritage, with zero exceptions. Most of the options are mahogany, cherry, walnut and oak. All panels will be matched for grain and color while special care is put into making sure that natural defects do not exist. Craftsmen work on each item separately in order to make sure that there is an individual beauty that is present and that traditional qualities are maintained. As soon as the process is complete, innate splendour becomes visible and you are looking at furniture that is simply stunning.

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