A Few Handy Cleaning Tips From A Professional

People have had to clean their homes for the better part of… well, relatively recent history, to be honest, because before that the sanitary standards weren’t too high. However, that doesn’t change the fact that in all honesty cleaning is by far the most mundane and dull task you can waste your time with. It takes a relatively long time to complete and the fact that it’s so boring makes it last even relatively longer. That’s why I decided to write an article about it – just to show people that there are better way to execute this pesky chore. Here are a few handy tips I hope you will find useful. As a professional house cleaner my job offers me many unexpected situations that I must handle daily


Cleaning chandeliers
By Charline Tetiyevsky under CC BY-ND 2.0


Cleaning chandeliers

Do you have a chandelier? Beautiful, aren’t they? Well, not as beautiful when they spend a few months collecting dust at which point you have no choice but to spend ungodly hours in cleaning your chandeliers, either standing on a ladder, spraying and wiping, or getting it down and spraying and wiping. In one case, you waste time and risk your health; in the other, you waste time and you risk breaking the chandelier. If only there was another way you could accomplish this tedious task without wasting time and without risks like the professional cleaners do. Here is what you can learn from them. You can simply purchase an inexpensive chandelier spray-only cleaner. It is based on a new technology that binds with and dissolves dust and grime-based substances, leaving your chandelier sparkling clean and saving you lots of time.

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Cleaning grease

Grease is nasty, irritating and darn-near impossible to remove. That is unless, of course, you know the magic spell of removing grease (which I totally do and I’m going to share with you). There are numerous professional domestic cleaner products that state that they can get rid of greasy substances in the blink of an eye, however most of them aren’t as effective as advertised so you need to give them a little hand. What you need to do is put a slightly damp sponge in your microwave for thirty seconds or so (use at your own risk) and then use it conjunction with the cleaning product you’ve chosen. This will significantly improve the possibility of success.


Washing floors

Using a bucket and a mop to get rid of all the bacteria and germs living on your floor is so last century. What you need to do is place them in a museum (where they belong). My clients need their property to be fresh and sanitized, so here are some solutions – buy a steam mop. Steam mops are a much superior technology for many reasons. For one, even though they are a considerable financial investment, they will save you money because they work on clean water alone. Two, they are much more effective at killing germs by using the power of water vapor. And three, they are much easier, faster and safer to use. All you have to do is be careful not to get burned which is easy because steam mops use special protective cloths, additional parts and attachments for your safety.

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