3 New Technologies Which Will Improve Your Home’s Value

According to the latest numbers, the median value of a home is $213,500. Certainly not a small chunk of change. But wouldn’t it be great if through just a few simply technology installations, you could …

According to the latest numbers, the median value of a home is $213,500. Certainly not a small chunk of change. But wouldn’t it be great if through just a few simply technology installations, you could increase that value drastically? Well we have good news for you.

Technology has changed nearly every moment of our lives. From smartphones, to 3-D gaming systems, to the global marketplace that is the internet – the speed and efficiency of moments have been quickened. And now, thanks to some incredible inventors out there, the modern home has changed as well. In fact, with three very simple new technological innovations, you’ll be able to see your home’s value rise instantly (after installation, of course.) We’ve listed them below for you consideration:


Energy Efficient Windows
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Energy Efficient Windows

When many people try to increase their house’s value through windows, they often do it with the fanciest windows available. Whether they be French, or perhaps Greek style – they’re large, gorgeous…but not exactly efficient. Oftentimes, these fancier windows will end up costing the house more in the long run. Which, when considering the housing market we’re facing today, isn’t exactly a quality that most house-buyers are looking at.

More importantly, many home-buyers are taking energy consumption and costs into consideration. These buyers are turning to energy-efficient windows to meet their needs.

What makes a window energy efficient? Several things! First, ensure that it is at least double paned. This will help keep your house the right temperature. Then, check to see that it is coated with a UV blocker, which will assist in keeping harmful ultraviolet light from entering your home and your children’s easily damaged eyes and skin.

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In addition, not only are the windows themselves important, but the contractor that you hire to install them is crucial. Make sure you get someone that is professionally certified. You should check online to see if they have any complaints against them on Yelp or Google Places. A bad window installation will leave you with a hole in your home, which will certainly decrease your home’s value! So don’t risk it. Go with top-notch windows and contractors.


clean water
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Clean Water

Some home-owners will like a city’s tap water. Some won’t. But everyone enjoys a nice refreshing drink from water purification systems. So if you’re looking to increase your home’s value, go for something that everyone appreciates – better water.

Many home-owners who want better water choose a quick and easy solution: home water delivery. The really quick and easy ones go for bottled water, but that’s a poor choice. Bottled water is an environmental disaster, and one that is getting worse every year. In addition, it’s only a temporary solution, and it will add no value to your home. Get a new water filtration, similar to the one that is available from Pure Water Technology. Their systems can handle families of any size in delivering water whenever you need it.

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Just how many benefits can you get from having cleaner water in your home? Here’s a few!

  • Healthier cooking with your filtered water.
  • Cleaner glasses and dishware
  • A spot-free car wash
  • Longer lasting appliances which use water

Yes, getting an efficient, purified water system for your home will have long-lasting and highly effective benefits for your home.


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Better Insulation

In case you haven’t figure it out by yet, the best way to improve your home’s long-term value is to invest your money into things that will not only last for a lengthy amount of time, but will also decrease your overall costs as you live in that house. And the final way to do that with new technology is improving your insulation. If your home is lacking basic insultation, then you’ll have old windows and doors. These will let in plenty of hot and cold air, which can make your house too warm during the summers, and too chilly during the winters. It’s no way for a happy person to live, and certainly not one looking to save all their money.

So first things first – get rid of the fancy old windows. It’s time to invest in friendly, cost-effective, energy-efficient windows. What are the benefits?

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High-performance energy efficient windows will easily help you reduce your annual heating and cooling bills that we all receive. This is even more noticable when you include peak heating and cooling loads are a part of the equation. In addition, anyone who has ever dealt with traditional glass windows knows how cold they could be to the touch. In addition, condensation and frost on the windows can quickly add up into an issue for the house residents. Finally, probelsm with light coming in, and ruining the beautiful view you’ve set out for yourself causes issues for home-purchasers.

So just how do energy efficient windows solve these issues? Well, first off, they can be custom built to match your specifications. So if you require a certain amount of light coming in, or prefer a different feel on the window pane, they can handle it. In addition, their air protection is much greater than the traditional windows. And even more recent improvements in technology have improved their ability to deal with extreme weather, such as negative windchills. Getting energy efficient windows is a very intelligent choice for any home-owner to make!

The Lesson of Technology

New technologies are invented every day – but today is particularly good for homeowners. Invest smartly in technology today, and you’ll improve your house’s worth long into the future.