Making the Most of a Small Bedroom

Space seems to be the elusive quality that we all want in our homes but, more often than not, just don’t have enough of. If you have a compact home, or your bedroom happens to be the smallest room of the house, there are ways to not only make the most of the available space but also make your room appear bigger, without using optical illusions like white walls and mirrors.


small bedroom
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Maximise Floor Space

One of the simplest things to do and a great starting point is pushing your furniture against the walls to maximise the available floor space and to allow more of a ‘flow’ through the room. Even if it is just a few extra inches, it can really make a difference in a small room. Try to make sure that your furniture is as space-efficient as possible so that you don’t have any wasted space. For example, slim line furniture and clean, squared-off edges so that items can fit together neatly.

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No matter how big or small your room is, it will always feel small and cramped if it is cluttered and untidy. You would be surprised how much extra space you have when everything is in its proper place and just a few items that provide storage and look stylish, such as the Linens Direct ottoman storage box can instantly expand your room whilst looking good. You can even create storage space on your walls by adding hooks or a hanging organiser or by adding a few shelves if you are looking for something more permanent. Under-bed storage boxes are also really useful for shoes or storing away your summer wardrobe when it starts to get colder.

Get Boxing

We all have some clothes that only get worn for half the year so boxing up your winter wardrobe when it gets warmer and putting away your summer wardrobe when it gets colder and storing them under your bed or in your attic or loft frees up space in your wardrobe and drawers so you can utilise them to store other items and your room is less likely to get cluttered. Having regular clear-outs of clothes, shoes and other items that you no longer use or wear can be really cathartic, as well as meaning that you have more space in your room. You could sell things on eBay and make a few pounds or have a swapping session with a few friends; even though this means that you are filling up your new wardrobe space, it’ll be with things that you want to wear, so it isn’t wasted space.

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Use Cushions

Finally, if you are lucky enough to have a bay window, you can add some comfy cushions to transform it into a peaceful space for reading or working on your laptop, which means that you may not need a chair or desk in your bedroom and have that little bit more floor space. With just a bit of extra storage items and organisation, you can really make the most of your bedroom no matter how small it may seem.

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