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Buy Vs Lease Solar Panels

When purchasing solar panels with cash or financing options available to you, the highest return is seen through taking advantage of tax incentives. Homeownership will also increase its value and can be done using a tax-deductible home equity loan or line of credit. Payback Period Although solar investments require an upfront financial outlay, their payback […]


Installing Solar Panels Is Not For the Novice DIYer

installing solar panels

Solar panel installation is one of the biggest home improvement projects that can add significant value to a property, yet many beginners attempt this DIY task on their own. But be warned: installing solar panels requires experienced hands. Hiring a professional installer will be necessary; when choosing one, ensure they have an outstanding track record […]


Solar Panel Maintenance Tips

There are many ways to maintain your solar panels. The first is by making sure that you have a warranty for the product. Also, make sure that you angle your panels towards the sun. This helps the panels work better and keeps them from deteriorating. You should also check the weather and make sure that […]


What Are the Benefits of Portable Solar Panels?

Solar panels have been around for decades, but now they are finally infiltrating the residential market in the US. There are now millions of solar panels in the US and people are embracing their right to create their own free energy! But, what about portable solar panels? In the past, portable panels were expensive and […]