Plumeblanche Diamond Encrusted Sofa

There are so many really expensive sofas out there but one that is truly special and luxurious needs to have some truly impressive features. Plumeblanche is a brand that is renowned for offering something really special and this Diamond Encrusted Sofa does not fail short. It is something that you will love, even if you cannot actually afford it.

Plumeblanche Diamond Encrusted Sofa

With a price tag that goes at around 200 thousand dollars, it is quite obvious that we are faced with the most expensive sofa in the world. You will not find one that is more expensive when looking at any work done by luxury brand furniture.

This is a sofa that is made out of mahogany wood, features a lacquer finish and high quality leather. Just as the name implies, we are faced with authentic diamonds added, scattered all around the body of the sofa. As you might have figured out in advance, the price tag can so easily vary from one of the couches to the next due to the fact that diamond value can also vary. All the luxury materials though are of such a high quality.

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PlumeBlanche is a French interior design company that is renowned for various different luxury furniture items that are offered. We can say that these are true professionals. We are looking at a couch that is basically tremendous, one that will scream out luxury from the moment you look at it.

Keep in mind that the Diamond Encrusted Sofa is one that is offered as a limited edition. It is definitely unapologetically opulent and the white leather that is used as upholstery is something that you will simply love due to the fact that it is so great to the touch. Dimensions stand in at 2.22 meters long, 0.85 meters wide and 1.11 meters high.

The lowest price that is available with the PlumeBlanche Diamond Encrusted Sofa is a little over $185,000. The color of the leather can easily be chosen out of an impressive number of 500 available options. It is something you will definitely love at the end of the day since it will perfectly fit absolutely all the designs of the room where the sofa will be added.

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