Parnian Luxury Furniture History And Popular Lines

Parnian Furniture Inc is a really well-known luxury furniture provider that started off as a family business. The company specializes in the retail, design and manufacture of contemporary accessories and furnishings. The people behind the launch of this really popular brand of luxury furniture were architects Parvaneh and Abdolhay Parnian. Now we are already faced with the second Parnian family generation in Leila Parnian.

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Ever since the 1977 launch, the company managed to maintain and grow a really high reputation for design and quality with literally all the products that were launched. We always see the use of the latest possible manufacturing facility, combined with exclusive furnishing lines that are reputable all around the world. Some of them are even on display in various showrooms.

Everything basically started with creating exclusive furnishings for the custom homes of the architects’ clients, in the Phoenix region. Clients received everything with open arms since they were faced with detailed and functional quality.

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As with many luxury furniture manufacturers, the first factory was really small, being housed in a mini storage facility in Arizona. The company did grow slowly and as time passed there were larger and larger facilities that were offered, with new finishing techniques being created. Really elaborate applications like air brush art and hand paintings appeared on cabinets and tops. Everything was hand painted, making it all highly complex and attractive.

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Over 35 years passed now and Parnian luxury furniture stands out as being among the most reputable in the country. There is a huge experience behind the company and a brand new chapter in the evolution of the firm appeared in the year 1995. That was when full-service furniture started to be offered through a brand new 27,000 square feet manufacturing facility where only custom furniture is created.

Custom Luxury Furniture Parnian Design

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You can find various furniture designs that are incredible when working with Parnian. A really interesting thing that can be mentioned is that the full service design package that is offered will bring forward a team of professional interior designers that are going to offer top quality attention to details and unparalleled service. There are various options available for any type of house or office that would be covered.

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Consultation time is included in the service fee and every single client will be serviced with the quality that is needed. Parnian furniture does have to be considered at all times if the budget is available.

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