How to Care For Silver Furniture

If you want to make sure your silver furniture stays in top condition, you need to take care of it properly. There are several things you can do to keep it in good condition. The …

If you want to make sure your silver furniture stays in top condition, you need to take care of it properly. There are several things you can do to keep it in good condition. The first step is cleaning it with the right products. You can use silver cleaners to clean it effectively. You should avoid using paper towels on your silver furniture as these can mar the finish.


There are many methods available for cleaning silver furniture. If you’ve got a silver coffee table and love its shiny finish, consider using a polishing cloth to keep it gleaming. Using a polishing cloth will allow you to polish your silver without over-scrubbing. A polishing cloth will also help you prevent scratches and dents.

To clean silver, use a mild detergent solution and a soft cloth. If possible, use gloves, as your fingertips can leave oils on silver. If you’re cleaning the surface of a piece that has tarnished over time, you can also use a soft bristle brush. You can also try a homemade solution, which includes baking soda and salt. The mixture can be mixed with white vinegar and water.


If you have silver furniture, you may wonder how to properly polish it. The first step is to remove all dust from the piece using a soft brush or a clean cloth. It is important to avoid abrasive materials, such as sharp objects, as these can scratch the silver finish. It is also important to use gloves to protect your skin from the abrasive materials used to polish silver.

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You can also cover the piece using acid-free tissue paper. This will protect the silver finish and prevent excessive tarnish buildup. However, excessive polishing can wear down the silver finish.

Storage options

When storing your silver furniture, it’s important to choose the right storage options. You want your pieces to remain dry and protected from dust and moisture, but also don’t want them to lose their shine and become tarnished over time. Plastic storage bags are the most appropriate option, and you should use them instead of newspaper or cardboard to keep your pieces safe.

Another option is to invest in padded shelves that allow you to view the contents of your silver pieces while avoiding dust. You can also hang plastic curtains over your shelves, which will help keep the dust out. But keep in mind that you should never put your bronze furniture in a sealed plastic bag, since the risk of condensation on the bronze is greater than the protection offered by plastic.

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Avoiding foods that tarnish silver

When you’re considering how to keep your silver pieces looking their best, consider avoiding foods that can tarnish them. Certain foods contain sulfur and can cause your silver to turn a brown or orange color. Also, eating sulfur-containing foods can make your silver pieces pick up an unpleasant odor. Avoid eating eggs, peanut butter, or anything with sulfur. Another food to avoid is black tea and citrus fruits. Also, be sure to polish your silverware before using it.

When cleaning silver, remember to avoid detergents, as these can corrode silver, making the polishing process harder. Avoid using dishwashing detergents, and avoid placing silver plates in dishwashers. Instead, use a non-lemon-based detergent and wipe clean with 100% cotton cloths. Do not let the water sit on your silver plates or silver furniture for long periods of time, because the spots will turn into black and hard to remove.

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Avoiding direct sunlight

One of the best ways to care for your silver furniture is to avoid direct sunlight. It is important to avoid sunlight because it contains sulfides, which attack the metal. Direct sunlight also accelerates the tarnish process. Also, avoid fabrics that can scratch the silver. Instead, use white cotton gloves whenever you handle it. You can also use a clean cotton cloth to cradle it.

Cleaning with cornstarch

Cleaning silver furniture with cornstarch is a quick, easy way to remove grease and stains from a variety of surfaces. The thin, white powder will absorb the grease and clean the fabric. You can even use it to remove grease stains on leather. Just apply the paste to the surface and allow it to sit overnight.

A combination of water and vinegar will also work well for removing stubborn stains. Use a soft cloth soaked in the solution, and apply the paste to the stain. Allow it to dry overnight, and then wipe it clean with clean water.