Fendi Casa Furniture

Fendi Casa Furniture is renowned all around the world among those that are looking for excellence and luxury. The Casa Classic Collection is particularly renowned as it manages to introduce a whole new dimension of glamour and exclusivity. Just as a really simple example, the sofas designed by Fendi Casa are traditionally crafted with materials that are adorned with exclusive buckles, embroidery and Selleria stitching.

fendi casa furniture

Ever since the year1989 when the company appeared, Fendi Casa created prestigious design objects and furniture that has a specific unique flavor. Furniture collections include so many home furnishings, accessories, decorative lights and much more. Every single element is always created with the use of high quality materials and feature exclusive finishes. 90% of the production line is Italian artisan handcrafted and includes Italy based traditional techniques.

The most common collections that you will get a chance of seeing are:

  • Fendi Luce – A collection divided into numerous crystal and glass lamps. Many precious objects will be made out of Murano glass, with delicate colors, organza shades, leather and fabrics. Chandeliers are particularly spectacular, usually including over 6 arms, together with crystal decorations and droplets.
  • Fendi Note – Various evocative styles will be developed around elegant finishes, details and ample volumes, all created in order to make you have really sweet dreams.
  • Fendi Outdoor – This Fendi Casa collection is 100% dedicated towards outdoor spaces, allowing you to admire seasons and entertain yourself thanks to the luxury offered.
  • Fendi Décor – Characterized by precious materials, functional objects and innovative shapes. They are just like sculptures since they are expressive, display energy, harmony and a perfect proportions sense.
  • Fendi Ambiente Cucina – This is the first collection for the kitchen by Fendi Casa and there is no fail in it. There are various new concepts that are presented, allowing a great combination of aesthetics and function.
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Fendi Casa has been involved in so many interior design projects that were renowned among specialists all around the world. This includes private jets, yachts, villas and apartments. All the projects are an exclusive and unique celebration.


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