Most Expensive Penthouse In The Home

Luxury real estate is highly attractive for everyone and there is nothing more interesting for many than owning a penthouse as it is a sign of luxury in a city surrounding. When thinking about the highly expensive penthouses, the one that is the most expensive is called La Belle Epoque, found in Monaco. The property is now under the ownership of Constantine Alexander-Goulandris and the purchase price is a highly impressive $312 million.

La Belle Epoque

In the past the property was owned by Edmond Safra, a highly reputable banker. Then it was owned by Nick and Christian Candy and renovated for a total amount of 40 million dollars. When the initial sale was made the price was just $15.7 million.

We are talking about a penthouse that spreads over 17,500 square feet. Owners gain access to so many luxurious amenities, together with a Monte Carlo marina view that is quite stunning. There are 2 floors that are covered and a private library and roof terraces are highlighted as being different than with most penthouses. We see the houses encompassed by trees of a height of 15 feet. We even have an infinity pool inside. In the recreation area you will gain access to the billiards room, all inside a leisure room that even presents some arcade video games.

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As expected in a high end luxury property, we have access to a media room that is truly state of the art. It includes executive chairs you can easily turn into beds to have more comfort. You will see 3 bedrooms in La Belle Epoque, dressing rooms, walk-in wardrobes and cinema screens that can drop from walls when you press a button.

The most interesting feature associated with this expensive penthouse is the security that is offered. This does include a pain room that is self sustained. It is highly modern and includes all the latest necessary electronics, including reinforced glass and surveillance cameras. It is not at all difficult to stay in the pain room and be safe for long periods of time or until the police comes. This high end luxury penthouse is definitely impressive.

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