A Creative Approach to Interior Decoration projects

If you have creative flair and an interest in interior design, decorating your own home becomes far more than just a chore to improve appearance or layout. Those with creativity can turn their interior decoration project into an art form, experimenting with new colours, textures, and styles, and adding a personal or unique touch to every room.

Being creative when decorating the interior of your home not only makes the decorating project far more fun – it can also help you achieve a far more exciting, unique, and attractive finish. When it comes to interior design, you need to be bold, open minded, and imaginative, as these are all qualities that will enable you to get those creative juices flowing and create the perfect finish.


Creative ideas for your interior decoration projects:

wall design for interior decoration projects
By MyWallArt under CC BY 2.0

There are a number of ways in which you can be more creative when working on an interior decoration project. Some of these include:

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Mix and match: Don’t assume that in order to get a great finish everything needs to be coordinated and matching. Experiment with different colours, textures, and styles within the same room. Don’t go overboard, as this could end up looking messy, but don’t be afraid to try a few different styles and colours in one room rather than trying to make everything match.

Turn old into new: Most of us have a range of items that are shoved into cupboard or on shelves because we no longer use them. However, rather than leaving them to rot or throwing them away, make use of them and incorporate them into your design. For instance. If you have a plain old vase that you no longer want, be creative with it. You can paint it in order to create a whole new look or you can stuff it with fairy lights to create a wonderful, novel lamp.

Be lavish: Add a regal touch to rooms such as your living room or bedroom by adding something lavish to the room. In a living room, you could consider a statement wall with bold colour and a large mirror with an ornate frame. For a bedroom, you could lace around the bed to give it that four poster look. There are plenty of little luxurious touches that are simple to implement but can make a big impact.

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Combine aesthetics with aroma: A great way to kill two birds with one stone is to make the most of items that serve a double purpose. For instance, use scented candle jars around your living room, as these will look attractive and colourful on little tables or on the mantelpiece. In addition, they will fill your room with a fabulous aroma, even when they are not lit.

Create a ‘zen’ space: Creating a special area in your home for chilling and relaxing is a great way of ensuring you have somewhere to escape to. You could even use your bathroom by turning it into a spa bathroom with candles, ocean colours, and even a mural on the ceiling it you have artistic flair.

There are some great ideas that you can incorporate into your design project if you go into with an open mind, and this will give you a far more unique and creative finish for your home.

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